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HI All,   The programs are all full. I had to turn down quite a few people who wanted to particpate. I hope to do a second round once this one is complete. - we'll see how it goes! I DO have 1 spot open for the SR60e if someone is interested email me!   Thanks to all those who have signed up. The headphones are on their way to me and I will ship them out once they arrive here. As stated the PS500e and RS1e will be delayed a week or two but will be sent out once we...
The SR225e program is now full. 1 spot left for the PS500e and 3 spots left for the SR60e.   Todd
The RS1e program is now full. Still room for a few for the PS500e, SR60e and SR225e.   Todd
HI All,   More updates - The RS1e will be delayed 2 weeks so those who signed up for that headphone will still be on the list in order but the first recipient will not receive them for 2-3 week. Sorry for the delay! The PS500 will be delayed 1 week but will go out as soon as I receive it.   On a better note - I am adding at the request of a few of you the Grado SR225e. This headphone will go out next week and you can email me to sign up ... NOW!   Todd
HI All,   The response to the program has been excellent! Thank you for your interest!!!   The GS1000e is filled and I even extended it to include 6 participants.   There are a few more spots for the RS1e, PS500e and SR60e. I will try to let you know as soon as each headphone is filled with participants.   Todd
Hi All,   The loaner program is for USA only. I am sorry but I am not even permitted to sell Grado products outside the USA. If I could I would...   I look forward to all of your reviews on these great new products!   Todd
HI All,   Grado Labs has released and is now shipping their e series headphones! All are available at TTVJAudio. This is the 3rd generation of the Grado design.         TTVJAudio is very pleased to announce the availability of 4 of the new models for a Head-Fi loaner program. Here is your chance to hear the Grado sound in its newest version - in your system! We will have the new SR60e, PS500e, RS1e and GS1000e for loan. As with all of our loaner programs we have...
Hi All,   Here is another review I receive from G-Listen...   Eclipse td-M1 initial listen thoughts.    Wiring up was a snap. However thinking that I could get everything else going without a manual was not possible. Hooking it up through the USB out on my Macbook was a breeze.However getting the Airplay network setup properly was something that had to be done with the manual in hand.      I listened to HQ 24 bit files that I am familiar with along with some that...
HI All,   To all of you who have had the Eclipse already - please post your impressions. That was part of the deal with the loaner program. I sent 3 pairs out and I had to buy them so I have done my part. Please do yours and write the reviews.   Todd
Hi All,   Well the loaner VPI Nomad is going out to the first recipient today! I look forward to all of the feedback and reviews form the loaner participants. I think you will find this to be an awesome product and a great value. Enjoy your time with the Nomad and please be careful to insure that the next person receives it in the same condition you did.   We have some units in stock if you just have to have one now...   Todd
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