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HI All,   Grado Labs has released and is now shipping their e series headphones! All are available at TTVJAudio. This is the 3rd generation of the Grado design.         TTVJAudio is very pleased to announce the availability of 4 of the new models for a Head-Fi loaner program. Here is your chance to hear the Grado sound in its newest version - in your system! We will have the new SR60e, PS500e, RS1e and GS1000e for loan. As with all of our loaner programs we have...
Hi All,   Here is another review I receive from G-Listen...   Eclipse td-M1 initial listen thoughts.    Wiring up was a snap. However thinking that I could get everything else going without a manual was not possible. Hooking it up through the USB out on my Macbook was a breeze.However getting the Airplay network setup properly was something that had to be done with the manual in hand.      I listened to HQ 24 bit files that I am familiar with along with some that...
HI All,   To all of you who have had the Eclipse already - please post your impressions. That was part of the deal with the loaner program. I sent 3 pairs out and I had to buy them so I have done my part. Please do yours and write the reviews.   Todd
Hi All,   Well the loaner VPI Nomad is going out to the first recipient today! I look forward to all of the feedback and reviews form the loaner participants. I think you will find this to be an awesome product and a great value. Enjoy your time with the Nomad and please be careful to insure that the next person receives it in the same condition you did.   We have some units in stock if you just have to have one now...   Todd
HI All,   I had 6 people email me to sign up for the loaner program and so they will all get to audition the VPI Nomad. I would estimate ground shipping to be between $20 and $30. I made sure with VPI that the packaging for the Nomad would hold up for this many shipments and they told me it would.   So next week I should be able to get it shipped out to the first recipient. Until then, have a great Memorial Day weekend and talk to you soon!   Todd
HI All,   The VPI Nomad started shipping this week and we will have some available to ship in a few days! This is a great product and an excellent way to get you feet wet as a vinyl junkie. The Nomad is an all in one turntable that comes with turntable, tonearm and cartridge as well as an on board MM phono stage (non defeatable) and even a headphone jack. Put on a record and plug in your headphones and enjoy. And of course you can run the output into you favorite...
Hi,   I don't post the names of loaner program recipients, sorry. I will tell you that the first users will be shipping them off to the next people in line later this week. There should be a few reviews showing up in this thread soon!   If you want to know I can give you an estimate. Email me and I will let you know about when you will be getting the TD-M1 spe4akers. That is the best I can do.   Todd
We have extended the sale through Sunday 5/18/2014!
HI All,   We did some spring cleaning and are now offering all of our Used/Sales Gear at 10% off. We have some great products that were at already low prices and now are at rock bottom pricing!   Sign up for our newsletter and get a coupon code that will save you another 2%. That means you can get anything in our used/sale category for 12% off with a newsletter subscription!   You can find the items here...   Todd TTVJAudio - Home of High End Audio!
We still have 1 Hugo left and it will ship out overnight to the first one who orders it!   Todd
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