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Hi All,  
Hi,   Sorry but we do not have the lightning cable available. We do have plenty of the USB Micro B to USB Micro B cables. Unfortunately we have been burned too many time by Apple changing the output connection to their products and have a ton of unusable cables. Sorry!
HI All,   We are very pleased to announce the addition of the Simaudio Moon Neo headphone products and Moon Phono stages to our available products at TTVJAudio.com   First are the two excellent headphone amps - the MOON Neo 230HAD ($1500) and MOON Neo 430HA ($3500)     MOON Neo 230HAD is a very versatile headphone amp and DAC combination using trickle down technology from the MOON Neo 430! It offers 1 RCA input on the rear panel as well as a 1/8" input on the front...
HI All,   Today Meridian released new downloads for the Prime headphone amp and Explorer2 Dac..   From Meridian today!  
A quick note on the Pass Labs HPA-1 - it was designed to operate on full time. No need to turn it off. It takes about 1 hour for it to warm up and start to reach its full potential.   Todd
HI All,   We are now including our TTVJ  USB Micro B to Micro B OTG cable ($19.95) with every Mojo order. The Mojo is in stock and we have plenty of the OTG cables! We are also offering free shipping!   Use your Mojo with your phone and other portable devices without having to search for the cable!!!.     And don't forget to check out our used gear - we have added some new products for sale!!!   Todd
HI All,   Here are the 5 people who have been chosen to participate in the HPA-1 loaner program. I may be willing to accept 1 or 2 more if qualified. Email me and we'll see what I can do...   The loaner amp is shipping out tomorrow.  
The Dharma should be heading out to the loaner guys listed below this week!  
Hi Flamess,   Email me with your info and I will send the NightHawks to you to try for a week...  
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