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Hi All,   The Cardas A8 is on its way to
Hi Badas,   You have my respect for your reply. Thank you and hope that maybe someday we can serve you well here at TTVJAudio.   Todd
Addressing Badas,   Why, in my loaner thread, would you come and crap on the product that I am offering for people to make their own decision and evaluations??? I have no problem with you stating your thoughts on the Moon NEO 430 but to say it is not a nice amp, well I would differ with you on that assessment and what does that say about those who already own it or have heard it and like it??? Why couldn't you just say it wasn't your taste? I have sold a few of these...
HI All,   The sign up is started... email me to get on the list.   Todd
HI All,   I received my loaner Moon NEO 430 HA D unit today and am listening as I type this and breaking it in. On Monday I will be shipping it out to the first loaner participant.   I am going to start this program a little differently that the previous sign ups - I want to give everyone an equal chance at the opportunity to be able to audition this great piece.   So tomorrow, Thursday March 10 at 10 AM MST (that's noon on the east coast and 9 on the west...) I will...
HI Guys,   I am still the vinyl junkie but just will not be selling vinyl. I prefer to concentrate on selling equipment. The records were not profitable and I really sold them to be able to keep one for my own collection... being a vinyl junkie and all.   We still have a lot of great titles available and hope they find a good home soon. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased some vinyl from me. Enjoy the new vinyl!!!   Todd
HI All,   We are getting out of the vinyl selling business and are looking to sell the remainder of our inventory. Supplies are limited get your 35% off at checkout. Lots of great titles remain. Hurry while supplies last! TTVJAudio Final Vinyl Sale!!!       Todd
Hi All,   Only 2 days left and the sale will be over (Friday at midnight)! The Alpha Dogs have sold but there is still a lot of great stuff left!   Todd
HI All,   I have 6 members signed up so for now the program is full. Once the program is complete grizzlybeast, I will let you borrow it. And vinyl is something I am addicted to and encourage others to join me:>)   Todd
HI All,   TTVJAudio is pleased to be a Simaudio Moon Neo dealer! We have received our first shipment of demo gear and are offering to 5 Head-Fi members, who are interested in possibly purchasing the Moon Neo 230 HAD, a 1 week in home demo. Here are our loaner program rules. The first 5 people to sign up will get to participate.  
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