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Hi mike200,    Sorry about the mix up on the shipping order. I had more emails before yours so it was my mistake. I am sorry. I will try to get a second pair out asap so the wait will be shorter...   Todd
Hi All,   Here is the list... there are 4 or 5 others who will be added on at the bottom of the list as they did not send their full info. There are 27 on the list so PLEASE do not use more than your allotted week with them! If you emailed me and your name is not on the list, send me another email - I'm human and may have missed someone. My apologies in advance!!! I will insert you where your original email came in line.  
HI All,   The response to this loaner program has been awesome. I currently have 1 loaner headphone to use. I had approximately 20 people email me wanting to be a part of this program. I have contacted Sennheiser and they do not have any HD800S that they can lend to me at this time so I ordered another demo pair to use for this program. I am not sure when it is going to be available to me. I will send the one HD800S I have now out on Tuesday and get the program rolling....
HI All,   The loaner program is full. I will post those who will be getting in the program tomorrow or later today. Thanks to all for your interest! The HD800S will ship out on Tuesday to the first one on the list. It is breaking in as you read this....   Todd
HI All,   I have a Sennheiser HD800S to loan out to the first 5 folks who sign up by emailing me. Please be serious about purchasing one... Rules below.
HI All,   Hibernian, you are correct - the Luxman DA250 also serves as an excellent preamp. Your post gave me a great idea - I have made two packages with the Luxman DA250, Luxman M200 and Eclipse TD508MK3 or the Eclipse TD510MK2 speakers.   These two systems will serve as an excellent desktop system or by buying the floorstanding models of the Eclipse speakers, serve as an office or small listening room audiophile system. These systems look as good as they sound...
Hello All,   We are very pleased and excited to announce a new product from Luxman - the DA250 headphone amp and DAC. The Luxman DA250 is a Class A headphone amplifier with an excellent DAC built around the TI PCM1795 DAC chip.But it does so much more than that! The DA250 also has and A to D converter for converting your vinyl into digital files!   You can pre order yours today at TTVJAudio.com  here. We expect to be shipping in a few weeks   USB input is compatible...
Hi Colgin,   Send me an email and I will add you to the end of the list.   Todd
Hi All,   The new Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center is available from TTVJAudio.com! THis piece serves as your digital hub. An excellent DAC and CD drive/player make this one fine sounding unit! The Cantata Music Center is $6495.   The Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center serves as the digital hub in a high-end audio system providing the same audio performance regardless of the input source. Whether it’s a CD played via the built-in transport, an uncompressed...
Hi All,   We still have a few of the HD800S headphones in stock and a couple of the headphone stands too!   Todd
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