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The Dharma should be heading out to the loaner guys listed below this week!  
Hi Flamess,   Email me with your info and I will send the NightHawks to you to try for a week...  
HI All,   Here is a chance for 6 lucky and qualified people to audition the new Pass Labs HPA-1 ($3500). First, you will need to be serious about purchasing the HPA-1. Secondly, it would be nice if you had more than one high end headphone but NOT a dis-qualifier if you are serious about this amp.   So in addition to the normal rules, please send me the headphones you have/plan to use with the HPA-1.  
HI All,   Not surprisingly, the program is now full. Here is the list of those who are in... and the order I expanded the list as I have a hard time saying not to those who sign up but I cannot add anyone else to the list. Soirry if you didn't sign up in time for this one but there will be more loaner programs in the future!  
HI All,   We have a Chord Mojo that we are going to loan out to 5 people who sign up for the program. The rules are as follows... and if you don't write the review and put it in this thread, we will disqualify you from future loaner program participation!  
HI All,   Here is more info on the new Pass Labs HPA-1 headphone amp...  
Hi Audiobot,   I sent the next address to you yesterday. You should have the next persons info to send them to.   Todd
HI All,   Now available to order from TTVJAudio.com - the new Pass Labs HPA-1 headphone amp and preamp. The HPA-1 is a class A single ended headphone amp with a defeatable preamp out. Ideal for use with any headphone! More info to follow soon. Shipping in a few days!     The HPA-1 from Pass Labs - $3500
Mangler is next up for the Dharma - will update in a day or so as I get caught up from the new years break...   Todd
New Posts  All Forums: