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We will also offer a 1 year warranty on the amp and 30 days on the tubes.
Hi All,   I have 2 fully refurbished Wheatfield HA-2 headphone amps available! They are not in mint condition but are far from "beat up". They have been fully tested and have a full new tube compliment and users manual. Pete has given them a check up and some tlc to get them ready for you!   We currently have 2 available... so if you have been waiting for one here is your chance!      
Here is your chance to try this excellent amp out for yourself - we have started a loaner program for the Meridian Prime.   Info here...   Todd
Hi All,   I have a Meridian Prime headphone amp to send out on a loaner program. The Prime Power supply will also be included in this program.   The Rules:   1. You get the unit for 2 weeks and then you send it to the next loaner participant 2. You write a review of the Meridian Prime here at Head-Fi     To sign up email  with   your name, address, Head-Fi moniker, phone number and equipment you will use with the Prime.   I am looking for...
Hi All,   We have a few BLACK Meridian 808v3 cd players available. They will come with a full Meridian factory warranty and have been packaged as new. These are DEMO units and though they are in like new shape, they are NOT new. They have been checked out by Meridian to assure they are in perfect working order. The price for a new unit is $20000 but we have very special pricing for these 808v3 players. Give us a call and we can tell you what we can do with pricing - we...
We have added the Cypher Labs products to our sale! Save 15% Now thru Monday on the Theorem 720, Solo -dB and Solo-R!
We have added one more sale to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale - all of our used/sales gear can now be had for 11% off! We have already low prices on our used gear so getting 11% more will make the items a steal...   We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas season!   Todd
HI All,   The Apex Teton Loaner program has started and we have 3 folks already signed up for an audition. We are looking for 2 more folks who are interested to sign up for a loan of the Teton. We would ask that you at least have a Sennheiser HD800 and hopefully another pair of cans to use with the Teton. The Teton is best served with a higher impedance headphone but some low impedance headphones also sound great on it.We'll let you be the judge...   The rules are the...
HI All,   We have some great deals going for this weekend! HiFiMan HE400's for $299, Audeze LCD2 Bamboo for $796 and Rosewood for $916 and many other great deals too! Check out our deals here. They are located in our Deal of the Day category   We also have all of our vinyl on sale for 15% off.   We hope you all have/had a great Thanksgiving! Talk to you soon   Todd
Hi All,   The Prime is now in stock and ready to ship! Order now and it will ship right out to you.   Todd
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