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HI All,   to answer a question or two...   The tube is not user changeable. We will be around to do it but we think the tube will last a very long time - 10 to 20 years.It is soldered directly into the Sangaku circuit board. The Sangaku will be ready to ship by the end of September.   Todd
HI All,   Today we are very pleased announcing the replacement amp for the Peak and Volcano, the Apex HiFi Sangaku. The Sangaku will sell for $2000. The Sangaku is a hybrid amp utilizing a tube input gain stage and solid state output stage with a 1 ohm output impedance. It has a 1/4" and 4 pin XLR outputs for single ended or balanced use.   The Sangaku is also a very good preamp for desktop or main rig use.            
Here are the five loaner participants. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Elear loaner program which should be announced in a week or so.  
HI All,       We are pleased to announce our Juice Box Pro loaner program. The Juice Box Pro is a $3360 power distribution piece that will improve the sound of your gear. I am looking for 3 or 4 people who might be interested in purchasing one to have a one week trial in their own home and system. I will be shipping the unit out mid next week to the first one to sign up. I am limiting this to a maximum of 4 people so if you are interested, email me asap. The...
HI All,   We are very excited to be able to share with five of you our demo Focal Utopia on a new loaner program. Due to the high cost and low availability of them at this time, I am limiting the program to 5 people who are serious about buying them. If you have a sincere interest in purchasing these headphones from us, please feel free to sign up. The rest of the rules are as follows...  
HI All,   Here is your last chance to own a Silver Circle Audio Tchaik6 power distribution unit. Our good friend Dave at Silver Circle Audio has decided to call it quits and the remaining stock is all that there will ever be! This unit is fabulous and is used by TTVJAudio in our system. There is also a long list of reviewers from the top magazines in the industry who use it in their systems. That speaks volume to its ability to get the most from you components. We will...
Hi Folks,   This loaner program is still in progress. The Luxman DA250 is a fabulous DAC and headphone amp. We have seen this product listed on Amazon for about $700 less than the US model. Here is the catch should you elect to go that way...   The units are 100v and will not perform up to the standards of the US 115v units. They just don't sound as good putting 110-120v into a 100 volt unit.   You get a 1 year warranty that forces you to ship it back to the company...
HI All,   We have both the Etymotic ER4SR and ER4XR  IEM in stock and ready to ship at TTVJAudio.com. Order today and they will ship within 24 hours of your order and get free shipping too!   We are very pleased to have Etymotic gear available at TTVJAudio once again. These are great IEMs and sell for a very reasonable price. they are one of the best values in all of high end listening in our opinion!  
HI All,   I sent 2 FREE sets of Flat pads to 6 people and am looking for you to write your impressions on the differences between them. Please write your reviews and thank you to those who have written what they have heard - or not heard.   Todd
HI All,   This is as low as we will go! 50% off on all remaining vinyl until it is gone. Supplies and titles are limited but there is still a lot of great stuff to be had. Check it all out here!       We hope you find some great music to add to your collection.   Todd
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