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Hi All,   We have the Elear in stock and are starting a signup for a loaner program for the Elear. Sign up begins at 1 PM MST tomorrow. We will not accept loaner requests befor ethat time. Standard TTVJAudio loaner rules will apply!  
HI All,   I have the loaner back here and am offering a last call to anyone who would like to audition this unit. It is an awesome DAC and headphone amp and worthy of consideration! Email me (todd@ttvjaudio.com)  and the same loaner rules apply as always.   Todd
Here is the current list of loaner recipoients who have signed up. I will take a few more if they want to join in... I have one more on the list but am waiting for his Head-Fi user name...  
Hi All,   We indeed will have a loaner program for the Sangaku. I received the loaner unit today and am listening to it as I type! I will break it in for a few days and then ship it off to the loaner participants. So here is how it is going to work.... ON MONDAY 9/12 at 1PM MST I will start accepting emails for the loaner program. I am limiting it to the first 10 loaner participants to submit their full info as required by the loaner rules posted below. No early emails...
HI All,   Well the Utopia headphones are leaving today from us to #1 on the list (Dillan). They have over 100 hours of assorted rock n roll played through them and boy AM I GONNA MISS THEM!!! Please be sure to use them for 1 week and move them on as I will be without them for weeks or months and other people are waiting to hear them. Thanks to all who want to participate and I do have a second list of 5 people who will get to listen also. I will post that list of loaner...
HI All,   The Utopia headphones have arrived and are currently breaking in on my head. I'm having second thoughts about sending them out... not really but I will miss them for sure. They are simply awesome! It looks like I will wait until Monday to ship them out so they get proper break in time and so I can play with them for a few extra days.   Todd
Hi All,   The Focal Utopia headphones are arriving here today. Order one today and we will include free Fed Ex 2nd day shipping to insure you have them before the weekend!   Todd
No takers? This unit is a fine way to upgrade your high end listening system - either speaker or headphone. I will wait a few more days and then close this offer for a loaner program.   Todd
Hi All,   The headphones are on their way to Oteil and should be there any day now... Lets remember to be gracious to each other and the reviews... not everyone enjoys the same things in a headphone and I want the reviews to be honest and what they heard. If we all liked the same thing, there would be one headphone that we all owned...BORING!   Todd
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