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Hi All,   In addition to having a few of the HE1000 headphones in stock we are considering doing a loaner program. On this program I would want to send it only to those who are seriously considering purchasing one from US - that is TTVJAudio. In the past I have left the loaner programs wide open for all to review and give them a try. Due to the cost of these headphones and their current limited availability, we want to have a more focused group and one that is...
You are right about it being a gamble but i have full faith and trust in Grado Labs to deliver a product the meets or exceeds it price point. And of course if once the info is released you don't like what you see, then you can cancel your order with us. It is limited and I have a finite number of them that I can get.   Todd
HI All,   A few quick updates - we have 2 HiFiMan HE1000 headphones that are available for immediate shipping and 1 Chord Hugo TT in Black also ready to go. Supplies of both products are limited at this time so order now and get one shipped out to you asap! 406-285-3910           Look forward to hearing from you soon!   Todd
HI All,   There will be more info and pictures soon. I know this has been vague so far but a lot more will be revealed in the coming weeks.   Todd
HI All,   Grado Labs has announced and will be shipping soon a new very limited edition headphone made from a tree cut down in Brooklyn. It is local wood and the first in the Grado Heritage Series - the GH1.   You can now preorder yours here from TTVJAudio...  http://www.ttvjaudio.com/Grado_GH1_open_headphone_p/gra0001000.htm  
Hi All,   This is the last time you will see these players at these prices! Supplies are very limited so if you want one call us asap and we can get one to you!   Todd
HI All,   There is a limited supply of CD/SACD players from Esoteric available but only while supplies last. You can get a demo K-01 or RZ1 in excellent condition, or new in the box K-03 or K-07 at amazingly low prices. These all have full warranty from Esoteric - including the demo pieces. YOU MUST CALL TO ORDER - No internet sales allowed  406-285-3910 Pricing includes shipping to YOU! We have full descriptions on our website on these products so come by, take a look...
Hello Everybody!   The 2Qutes have arrived and we have 2 still available for sale. If you want one order asap as they are going fast! It may be a while before more are available in the USA.   Todd
HI All,   You can order online or call us. If you call in the order we can until the products are shipping to us before we charge your card. Phone - 406-285-3910   The 2Qutes are arriving on Friday and I have a couple still available for sale. Call or order online and you will have one soon!!! The rest of the products will be shipping in late May or early June.   The ENIGMAcoustics Dharma will be shipping in June.   Todd
HI All,   A lot is happening and some very exciting new products are now available for preorder with delivery expected soon! We will have some of the new 2Qute in stock early next week and the rest in late May or early June. Preorder now from TTVJAudio!!!   We are very pleased to announce the HiFiMan HE1000 headphone is now available for pre-order with an expected shipping time to be around the end of MAY! This may well be the best sounding headphone ever made. List...
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