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HI All,   We have introduced a new version of the TTVJ Flat Pads - the Deluxe flat pads. The have been treated and have a different sound than the standard flat pads. What this thread is all about is for 3 Head-Fiers to sample the new as well as the original Flat pads on your Grado headphones and write your impressions here.   We will send out a pair of both the original flat pads as well as the new deluxe flat pads to three participants (and NO MORE than 3!!!). They...
Hi All,   Sorry for the delay in posting the tour roster... there are a number more who signed up and I will add you to the list in the order that the emails came in. I am waiting for some of you to send me your Head-Fi user name so I can post them here. Obviously the number of 6 has been exceeded by many times that amount (I have a large number of requests not listed here and I will tour the headphones so everyone gets a chance to hear them). Here are the first 10 folks...
Hi All,   The program is FULL! I will post the list of participants tomorrow. There are 8 that have signed up and I cannot take anyone else at this time.   Todd
HI All,       Looking for 6 Grado fans to review the NEW GS2000e headphones, rules below... the pair we are sending out have a little over 100 hours on them and are terminated with a 4 pin balanced bable and a 1/4" adapter cable is included.  
HI All,   OK, we have the program full. It shipped out to the first loaner participant today! I am waiting of rthe Head-Fi handles for the other 2 participants and will post them soon.  
HI All,   I received my first shipment of the new Grado GS2000e today so they are in stock. I am breaking in a pair right now and will have some impressions in the coming days. If you want a pair, order it up!   Todd
There are 2 spots left in this program if you want in!   Todd
HI All,   I have the Luxman DA250 in hand and am breaking it in and preparing it to go out to 5 - and I MUST limit the program to 5 loaner participants. So, if you have an interest in buying this jack of all trades piece, sign up and you can audition it in your home for 1 week. I expect to ship it out early next week.   Here are the loaner rules...  
HI All,   I expect to receive my demo pair of the GS2000e by the end of next week. Look for a loaner program to be set up in the next 2 weeks. I plan on breaking them in and spending some time with them before I send them out. Please do not jump the gun and email me wanting to be on the list - wait for the announcement and then email.   I will also have a few in stock so if you want one, order now before my first batch is sold out. I of course will be ordering...
Hi All,   Grado has just announced the Statement Series GS2000e headphone. You can order yours at TTVJAudio.com here!   The GS2000e utilizes Grados new 50mm driver and the use of two premium woods - Maple and Mahogany.
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