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Thanks for the reviews! Glad you like the Sangaku! I kind of thought you would...   I will be able to add 2 more folks to the loaner program so if you want to get on board, email me and the first 2 to sign up will be included. Be sure to read the rules for the loaner program before you sign up.   Todd
Hi All,   From now until the end of December, you can save big on Chord products at TTVJAudio!   The Chord Mojo is now only $549 and we still include the free Micro to Micro USB cable (shown below) for use with your Galaxy phones! And the Chord Hugo is now only $1995!     The Chord Hugo TT is now only $4295!   The Chord 2Qute DAC is only $1495. These are limited time offers. Take advantage while the sale lasts and get these excellent products at a generous...
Hi All,   OK, So I got a second Elear to loan out. It will be shipped on Monday and so the wait for all will be cut in half. For those of you who did not get on the list, I will have a second loaner program once this one is done. Please do not ask to be put on that list until I announce it. I hope you all have fun in this loaner program and look forward to your take on the Elear!          
The Sangaku is just about ready t head to the next loaner participant. Lets keep this moving and have fun!   Todd
Hi All,   The time you have with the Elear is 1 week (7 days) and then it must be shipped to the next loaner participant. Unfortunately the last shipment took 4 days for the recipient to get the headphones from Fed Ex once they arrived in his town. These delays hurt everyone who has signed up so when I email you and ask if you are ready to get the headphones, please be prepared to receive them, listen for a week and ship them off promptly.   Have fun with the Elear and...
HI All,   The Elear is on its way to loaner participant #2. I am looking into adding another headphone so there will be 2 of them. This is a definate maybe but I am trying to arrange it.   We have the Elear in stock and ready to ship. Give us a call or order online and we will get one to you! This is a great headphone and a great deal at $999!   Todd
HI All,   The Sangaku is now in stock and shipping!!! The Loaner Sangaku is making the rounds and should be arriving at the first loaner participants home today or tomorrow. We are very excited and those who have heard it are giving us great feedback on it. We look forward to the impressions from this program and look to get many of these in the systems of audiophile headphone listeners. Order yours today and get free Fed Ex 2nd Day shipping!!!   Todd
HI All,   Sorry for the delay in getting the Sangaku out for the reviews. I will be receiving a new updated Sangaku from Pete on Friday and will send it out by next Tuesday. The original Sangaku that I sent out had a noise problem and Pete has since found the culprit and fixed the issue. So look for this program to get going full steam next week. I apologize for the delay and look forward to your impressions of the unit once you have had time to play with it in your...
Hi All,   I am trying to keep this headphone moving and see some of the reviews that are part of the deal when you sign up. My computer crashed late last week and I am trying to rebuild the oaner list. Who has it right now??? Please emaill me so i can get this flowing like it should. The rules state 1 week with the headphones and write a review in this thread...   Todd
Hi All,   The Elear is shipping out today. So starts the loaner program. Have fun. I am sorry that I have to limit the number of participants. Those of you who were not able to get in on it, I may do an additional loaner program once this one is complete. So keep an eye out for it and if you are still interested in a few months, I will do this again.   Anyway, to those who are signed up, enjoy! AND we have plenty of the Elear in stock so order your now from...
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