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Hi All,   This is the last time you will see these players at these prices! Supplies are very limited so if you want one call us asap and we can get one to you!   Todd
HI All,   There is a limited supply of CD/SACD players from Esoteric available but only while supplies last. You can get a demo K-01 or RZ1 in excellent condition, or new in the box K-03 or K-07 at amazingly low prices. These all have full warranty from Esoteric - including the demo pieces. YOU MUST CALL TO ORDER - No internet sales allowed  406-285-3910 Pricing includes shipping to YOU! We have full descriptions on our website on these products so come by, take a look...
Hello Everybody!   The 2Qutes have arrived and we have 2 still available for sale. If you want one order asap as they are going fast! It may be a while before more are available in the USA.   Todd
HI All,   You can order online or call us. If you call in the order we can until the products are shipping to us before we charge your card. Phone - 406-285-3910   The 2Qutes are arriving on Friday and I have a couple still available for sale. Call or order online and you will have one soon!!! The rest of the products will be shipping in late May or early June.   The ENIGMAcoustics Dharma will be shipping in June.   Todd
HI All,   A lot is happening and some very exciting new products are now available for preorder with delivery expected soon! We will have some of the new 2Qute in stock early next week and the rest in late May or early June. Preorder now from TTVJAudio!!!   We are very pleased to announce the HiFiMan HE1000 headphone is now available for pre-order with an expected shipping time to be around the end of MAY! This may well be the best sounding headphone ever made. List...
Hi All,   Save 10% on everything in our Used/Sale category! The sale begins NOW and will end in a week or so. Supplies are limited to what we have in hand but there is a large variety of great products to choose from.   Have fun looking through the products and if you have any questions feel free to call me at 406-285-3910   Enjoy!!!   Todd
 Thank you for the order. It is shipping out to you today! We have tons (literally) of great vinyl and we will be having this sale until it is all gone. Here is everyone's chance to save 25% on some new pressings! Todd
HI All,   We have put all of our high end, audiophile vinyl on our website and have a 20% off sale. As a sponsor of Head-Fi and friend to many here I am adding an additional 5% discount with the following coupon code... EXTRA5  Order up all the vinyl we have - supplies of each title are limited to stock in house.   Todd
Hi All,   We are very please with the latest review of the Apex Teton that went live today (3/9/15)! You can read it here.   If you own the HD800 and you want it to sound as good as it gets, you owe it to yourself to get the Teton! Or if you are looking for a preamp and headphone amp, this is a great deal and works very well as a preamp too!       Todd
Hi All,   Here is some great news for those who have or will purchase the Meridian Explorer2 or other Meridian products from TTVJAudio that are MQA ready...   Working alongside TIDAL, the high fidelity music streaming service, Meridian Audio is offering a complimentary 3 month (90 day) subscription to TIDAL with all new Meridian products purchased.   To redeem the offer customers will be required to register their product at www.meridian-audio/my-account, at this point...
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