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Hi All,   Today until Tuesday we will have an 11% off sale on all of our Used/Sales Gear Category! We have a lot of great items at low prices and with an additional 11% off you get these products for amazingly low prices! No discount code - just put it in the shopping cart and you will get 11% off of all items in the category at checkout! There are headphones, cables, amps, accessories and all sorts of good things available.   Have fun shopping and have a great...
The Nomad has stalled but should be moving again very soon. So far 2 folks have received it and there is no review... I am also disappointed! I have a $1K turntable out on loan with an agreement from the folks who are using it to write a review. If you guys are not going to live up to the agreement I may change my mind on future loaner programs.   To those of you in line, please be patient for a few more days and the Nomad will be shipped. The current loaner participant...
HI All,   The RS-1e and PS500e are now on their way to the first loaner participants. They shipped out on Friday (Grado Labs was kind enough to ship them 3 day air to me!). So those loaner programs are now live!!!   Thanks to everyone for their patience and to those who have written their reviews. I look forward to all of you who sign up, getting your time with the Grado headphones and hope you all have a great experience doing this!   Todd
HI All,   We will be sipping the HE560 next week! We have shipping confirmed. We are offering free Fed Ex shipping on all orders. The long wait is finally over and we know it will have been worth it! Order your now and get in on our first shipment! Only $899 - no tax and no shipping costs!   Happy 4th Of July to everyone!    
HI All,   Here are a couple of pictures of the New Grado e series drivers. The larger ones are the e series! We are offering free shipping on all Grado e series headphones!         Todd
Hi Folks, Here are a couple pics of the older drivers (smaller)  vs the new e series drivers (larger!)                
HI All,   The programs are all full. I had to turn down quite a few people who wanted to particpate. I hope to do a second round once this one is complete. - we'll see how it goes! I DO have 1 spot open for the SR60e if someone is interested email me!   Thanks to all those who have signed up. The headphones are on their way to me and I will ship them out once they arrive here. As stated the PS500e and RS1e will be delayed a week or two but will be sent out once we...
The SR225e program is now full. 1 spot left for the PS500e and 3 spots left for the SR60e.   Todd
The RS1e program is now full. Still room for a few for the PS500e, SR60e and SR225e.   Todd
HI All,   More updates - The RS1e will be delayed 2 weeks so those who signed up for that headphone will still be on the list in order but the first recipient will not receive them for 2-3 week. Sorry for the delay! The PS500 will be delayed 1 week but will go out as soon as I receive it.   On a better note - I am adding at the request of a few of you the Grado SR225e. This headphone will go out next week and you can email me to sign up ... NOW!   Todd
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