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Hi Folks,   Here is the list... nytryder should already have the GH-2 in his possession so JoeDoe should be getting them soon... we still have a few of these headphones left in stock for anyone interested.  
Hi All,   Grado Labs announced today that the GH-2 has sold out and no more will be manufactured! So what we have on the shelf is the last of the GH-2 headphones we will be getting. if you want one order soon while supplies last!   Todd
Hi All,   I started a loaner program for the GH-2 so those of you who want to answer the questions can do so by giving them a try and writing your impressions. See the new loaner thread in this forum and sign up!   Todd
HI All,   We will be starting a GH-2 loaner program today to the first 5 people who email me at or after 12 noon MST. No early entries will be accepted.  
Hi All,   We received our first shipment of RHA products today so everything on our website is in stock and ready to go! Order up!   Todd
Hi All,   This loaner program still has openings and if you would like to audition it and write a review email me at and I will get a Disruptor out to you to try for a week!   Todd
Hi All,   We are pleased to announce the addition of RHA Audio products to the TTVJAudio product lineup! We will be carrying the RHA Dacamp L1, RHA CL1 IEM and the RHA CL750 IEM! We have tested and listened to these products and found them to be a very good value and products we can stand by! We welcome RHA to the TTVJ fold!!! Free shipping on these products!    The RHA Dacamp  L1 $549.95.     RHA CL1 IEM  $449.95   RHA CL750 IEM  $139.95
Hi All,   We have the GH-2 in stock and ready to ship. Order away!   Todd
Hi Guys,   I don't have those headphones here to compare them. I wish my memory was that good but I wouldn't trust it to make firm statements comparing the GH-1 or RS-2e.   Todd
HI All,           I have had some time with my ears in the GH-2 headphones and I must say I am liking what I hear. They are dynamic - good attack and pretty well balanced from top to bottom. Highs are detailed but I have not found them to be at all fatiguing. They are darn fun to listen to.   I listen to mostly Rock and the GH-2 delivers the impact and heart of the music very well. The mids are pretty sweet and the bottom end defined and punchy!   The GH-2 fits...
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