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HI All,   The headphones should be moving to the next people in line  and I am not seeing a lot of reviews. Please let me know when you send them to the next person along with tracking at todd@ttvjaudio.com. I will pass the tracking info on to the person receiving them. And please fulfill your obligation to write the review. I have done my part and have many thousands of dollars in headphones out there for you guys to listen to!   Todd
HI All,   The loaners have all moved on to the 2nd on the list and with the HE1000 to the 3rd on the list. By next week they will be sent to the next person on the list. Thanks for the great review on the NightHawk Cotnijoe. Well done!   I am awaiting reviews from those who have had the HE1000 and Meridian Explorer2 to also be written...   Talk to you all soon!!!   Todd
HI All,   I have received my first box full of GH-1 headphones and the second is arriving tomorrow. They are selling rather quickly so if you want one of these great new limited edition phones, order soon! Once they are gone there will be no more. We can ship them out to you withing 24 hours of your order!   Todd
HI All,   I know there have been some questions on what driver Grado Labs is using with the GH-1. It is not used in any other models and was designed specifically for the GH-1. It was tuned to work with the design of the GH-1.   I am expecting to receive the GH-1 shipment next week. It has already shipped to me and more will follow in a few days.   As for a larger reviewer group, I think this headphone will sell out very quickly and happen before a review could hit...
Here you go...  
HI All,   I have had the privilege to hear and use the GH-1 in my system now for about a week. They are very good - and here is a short review, comment on them from me  
Hi All,   There were a few folks who tried to sign up via my pm here at Head-Fi. I do not regularly check that and I manage the loaner program from my todd@ttvjaudio.com email. If you tried to sign up via PMing me here, email me and I will add you to the loaner program. I would like to get my headphones back at some time though so I can enjoy them...   Todd
HI All,   The HE1000 loaner program is full. I allowed 10 people to sign up. It is already with #1 and here is the rest of the list by user name... expect 10-12 days with each user including shipping and 1 week with the HE1000   2 preproman 3 Khragon 4 ricardo 1018 5 amalgamist 6 JWahl 7 rschoi75 8 vcoheda 9 Lostdog54 10 swjones3   Here is the list for the NightHawk which will be shipping out tomorrow - it is too late to get it out today.   1
Hi All,   Thank you for your interest in the loaner program. I forgot to put that when you email me please include you user name here at Head-Fi, your address and telephone number. Also, I have to limit each person to 1 item to loan... I am trying to get this gear into as many folks hands as I can. If at the end there is room for it to go to you as a second loan, I will do it. So please ask for whatever product you want first and tell me if you want to wait for a chance...
HI All,   We have offered a number of loaner programs over the years and continue to try to get gear in your hands that you might not normally be able to audition in your own home. In the past we have had some great loaner participants who wrote their reviews and sent the products on in a timely manner. Some others did not write reviews and/or did not send the unit on to the next user in a timely manner.   This time around we are looking for serious people who will,...
New Posts  All Forums: