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HI All,   The Meridian Explorer2 loaner is done and I have the loaner unit here for sale for $250 delivered. Call me if anyone is interested. 406-285-3910   Todd
Hi All,   I did indeed include a Cardas Clear headphone cable along with the stock cable in the Dharma box. Sorry it is so short (5 ft) but it is my cable that I use at my desk. I stepped on 10 footers for too long and finally got a short one. I think it makes a pretty big difference over the stock cable!!! I'll be interested in all of your opinions.   Todd
Hi Rhun,   I did not see your email. send it again to todd@ttvjaudio.com and I will add you to the list. I have also updated the loaner lists to reflect additions and subtractions so it is up to date. Please email me if there are any discrepancies as in I missed someone or you no longer want tot be in the program. Thanks!   Todd
Hi All,   The new HE1000 should have been delivered yesterday to Jwahl and so the program is officially going again. Please take good care of these headphones! I paid twice for them:>)   The AudioQuest NightHawk is heading for
HI Again,   Here is the official list. If you emailed me and are not on the list, send me an email and I will fix any errors I may have made....  
HI All,   I have had a large response to this loaner program and it is filled up. Anyone who has asked will be on the list but the list is about 16 people. I will post a list by user name the order in which they will receive them. They are shipping to #1 today.   Todd
HI All,   The long wait is almost over!!! We have confirmed our order of the Dharma is shipping to us mid October. We received a production model last week and are very impressed. We think it is a winner and going to make a lot of you very happy. Preorder yours now at TTVJAudio - price is $1195 and we offer free shipping.   We are announcing our loaner program for the Dharma we have here now. It will ship out Friday (ok so I have one person already signed up - Audio...
HI All,   I have some good news for the HE1000 loaner guys. Thanks to some help from Summer and Fang at HiFiMan, I have a brand new HE1000 for the loaner program. I will be sending it out later this week and hopefully no more problems. So it is back alive and running and I really hope you guys appreciate this enough to write your reviews and buy them from me should you decide you want a pair. I have spent money on 2 pair so far ...   Todd
HI All,   This week we celebrate completing our 13th year in business. To celebrate we are offering 10% off of all our USED/SALES Gear category and special savings on many other items too! The catch is you will have to call to order to get our special deals 406-285-3910.   For the 10% off of our USED/SALES GEAR category use the discount code    Used Deal 10   This will get you your savings.   I hope to talk to a lot of you this week. Our Anniversary sale ends at 5PM...
Hi All,   Well in spite of the HE1000 theft, I am working closely with the HiFiMan team and we are arranging a new pair of HE1000 to be used in my loaner program. I am going to buy another pair. This time I will write the Serial number down (duh, Todd why didn't you do that the first time???) and it will be posted when the HE1000 loaner program resumes.   I am still hoping to see more of the Reviews here... especially for the NightHawk and Explorer2. Lets not forget...
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