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If interested, I have a pair of used RE0s. The left side doesn't play sound any more. If you can recable, you can probably fix this gem. Unfortunately, I don't have the faculty to do these type of mods. PM me if interested. Would prefer to trade for another pair of IEMs.
Thanks for the reply, lwien. How durable are the RE-400s?
For IEMs, I've used the RE0s, JVC HA-FR101's and JVC Marshmellows. For all three, the left side of each earphone no longer has any sound. This means that I'm now looking for a decent IEM that has great build quality and is durable as I do not want to make another purchase for earphones any time soon. Prefer to have an IEM with as less microphonics as possible. For the sound quality, I found the RE0s to be too treble-y for my liking, but found the JVCs to be too bass-y...
I've already used the KOSS lifetime guarantee to get the second pair that I'm on, but I don't like the flimsy cable!  It's just too fragile.   Is there anyone on the head-fi forums that offers recables at a decent price?  I've seen recables for $100 and I'm not looking to spend that much.
Arghh, I wish I had the balls to recable my KOSS KSC75.   I'm on my second pair and the left side has started to pop in and out.  Will pay for a recable at a decent price!
I'm on the hunt for a new player as well.   I'm currently looking to get a Sansa Fuze or Clip+ with Rockbox enabled on it.   Pros: both are cheap and with Rockbox will allow you to play FLAC and anything on it. Cons: Rockbox is still a work in progress for certain (newer) versions of Fuze and Clip.  So you might brick your player, but there's a slim chance of that happening.
Gapless playback is necessary for audio mixes (particularly DJ sets and some albums that have seamless transitions like a Pink Floyd) so you won't hear any audible gaps in between tracks.   Rockbox is great because you can throw any audio format on your RB-enabled player and know that you can play it!   Throw in extras like Gameboy emulation and you've got a winner.
Okay, so this appears to be the most recent "what IEM is similar to the sound of the KSC75s"?   I'm on the hunt for an IEM that carries a similar sound signature as the venerable KOSS KSC75s.   I tried out the JVC Marshmellows a few years ago based on a few recommendations on here and I hated them.  The bass was crap and depressed the mid and highs quite considerably IMO.   So any newer recommendations?   Budget is mid $100s and lower. Thanks for reading!
Are you guys buying the Clip+ / Fuze refurbished?  Because you can't really buy them first-hand.  Plus the cost of buying a first-hand one vs. refurbished is making me lean towards a refurb.
how do you find the UE4s? i'm in the same situation with the Future Shop gift card!
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