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I have found when I take off a fleece jacket I get the static "pops" as well.
Another happy customer here! I am actually shocked at how much they have changed over the course of a week. They are not fart cannons anymore! Compared to my K81DJ they offer better low end detail, although the bass is more pronounced. I am using the small olives that came with them and look forward to finding tips that will accentuate the highs. The high end seems plenty detailed, just not quite as forward as I would like. Any suggestions? While $100-150 is not cheap I...
Update! Without even knowing it AKG charged my card for my order in April and I received my velour pads this week. It only took eight months but they are sure nice. I don't find much difference, if any, in the sound and they are so much more comfortable. They are deeper than the stock pads so my ears don't touch and no more schwety ears!
I think listening to "Heavy Metal" with headphones is dangerous because you might unintentionally summon a demon from hell. Then what are you going to do?
You can only use link once but with no DRM you should be able to move it freely from computer to computer. The album kicks ass BTW.
I got my second email about two hours after writing them back about my problems. I am listening now. Sounds good so far. Can't wait for the vinyl. I feel like I've been tapped though paying $80+ for a lossy download. I am going to try and not listen too much over the next two months so I will want to listen more on Dec. 3.
I got my link and like a spaz I hit cancel before it downloaded because I wanted to hit open instead of save and now my link won't work. I had to email them and now I have no music. Man am I pissed!
I wonder if there is a correlation between the decline in mid-fi and the decline of the economy/middle class.
Didn't Stephan King do something similar a while back with one of his books?
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