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I`ve been enjoying my Havi B3 Pro I with the Walnut, what a great synergy these have... 
Yes, still very good price. Yesterday changed opamp to LM4562, no notable improvement in SQ. As compared in my Cmoy amp this opamp did a better job though :)
They have raised the price significantly 
I have a spare LM4562 lying around, would it do any better than stock in the Walnut..? 
Stock os, went back to it because it sounds a lil bit better to my ears.
Yeah, better wait and buy from ebay. My only complaint besides already known bugs of X3 is a weak battery.
Yes, buying from China is a bit of a lottery. Better make your purchase from a reputable store though..
Mine gets warm only when charging.
I use comply foams, bass is better.
Thanks, but is it possible to change cable completely? 
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