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I haven't been on here in while and happen to run across your post. I have been in this dilemma for a bit myself now. I am waiting till I move to grab some new speakers. My beloved Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 just died on me after getting several years of use. I would totally reccomend this setup for anyone that wants a system in a box sorta deal. But after a lot of research I am interested in getting a seperate bookshelf style speaker setup and going with an external amp. FiiO...
Totes sold for $200 shipped! Cheers!
Oh man!! How did I even miss this. Thank you so so much, seriously means the world to me, thank you!!
Looking to build a 3.5mm male to 1/4" female adapter, I am curious what options there are out there for 3.5mm connectors that would fit well with an iPhone with a case.   Know of any already made adapters that would work for me?   Thanks!
    About 2 hours ago I called, someone answered (I didn't ask but I had a feeling it was John). I told him the situation and told him that it's modded with a different cable. He said no problem, as long as it's nothing too fancy like a balanced cable, it's not a problem at all and that they'll have it done fast!   I'm very excited! and very bummed too that it had to come to this. All is well though!
  They will probably want to use their cable wont they?
I am in need of Grado drivers, or a single 32ohm Grado driver. I particularly have my SR80, sadly my only pair of headphones I have.    One of the drivers got screwed up, and I am a sad chap in need.   Thanks to anyone that might have one, or heck-- even know where I can get one.
So I decided to recable my grado SR80's.. no big, really easy feat, I have no problem soldering, no big, all should be good. Got the left side done, went to do the right side... unsoldered the cable and then bam.. the solder pad instantly came off with the wire.. Driver = dead.   I assume Grado will have no desire to help me out, nor sell me a separate driver I am sure, which as it seems you can't get anywhere anyway.   Does anyone have any ideas for this sad sad...
Also, what if I used a standard Canare L-4E6S cable? would the NEUTRIK mini even fit on there?   Also found this little beauty:
wow! that is beautiful! did you make that particular cable? is it bad to heatshrink the whole thing? or should I use a different method of sleeving? I want it to have a rugged feel to it. Also, any suggestions for 1/4" female adapters?   Thanks again for all your help, and again, killer price on the cable!
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