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How about plug your idsd into your gold amplifier or into your speakers setup to know exactly what give direst stream vs I dsd as a dac? The advantage to I dsd is the battery. Ac cord change the sound and we never sure we have the most efficient ac cord for our setup. Price have no role in the sound quality for ac cord.
You should try ifi usb power.   laptop -> usb -> ifi usb-> USB 1 to purepower using the usb out (5volts only) and the USB2 port of the ifi to the audiophilleo.     If you going 2 usb cable route, keep your best usb for the audiophilleo. If you don't know ... no need to connect the usb cable to the purepower unless you want to recharge it.
As stand alone dac (plugged directed to poweramp) how this dac stand ?   Better than 1500$ mytek ? Better than Audio-gd M7 2000$ ? Better than ps -audio DS 6000$ ?   Why not ? I see people using the nano on a very hi-fi system ... he was using high level dac / preamp and remplaced them with a simple nano! I don't know if he have ears or not ... this is another story! ;-)   I just wait the regular version to be able to buy and have the opportunity to return if it's...
This will drain juice from the battery, change to 70 percent, drain the battery , charge to 70 percent ?
To avoid "warm-up", any manner to let the unit ON 24/24 and not take juice from the battery ?   The "perfection" for me is a switch to take power from usb or the battery. This way, permit me to listening music from usb power when not doing critical listening or simply to keep the unit ready.
Optical use a noisy optical decoding chip. You have no clue if the result will be noisier or not. Generally, optical is considered as the worst manner to link a dac. Coax is better generally. Coax cable matter a lot ... And optical cable don't all give the same sound ... It's very difficult to consider opinions while too much possibility. You can conclude optical is better because you don't have a good coax and same in the other side.
Ap1 and ap2 are supposed to sound similar. Ap1 upgraded for pure power can't work without the battery pure power. Buy pp before a ifi USB or better USB cable. Buy a better USB cable before ifi USB. With all that, software still have a big impact on the sound. So the filtration, buffer, reclock and isolation are not perfect and the better the source, the better the output. Enjoy the world of audio.
I have AP1/PP + ifi iUSB + iFi Purifier I bought for a friend a AP2 + AqVox supply.   AP1 / PP all the way big step up from all other below AP2 / iFi second best ... it's still far from AP/PP. More natural than AqVox and more resolving. AP2 AqVox third .. It's give more swing to AP alone. Is-it an upgrade ? Not sure ... probably a side move. AP2 alone   All that require attention on the usb cable. It's make a major difference in the SQ.
The noise is not the same depending which USB port you take. USB 3 have a different circuit resulting a different noise pattern. Your data remains the same on all USB port but not the noise. Noise is transmitted to your dac and result as jitter. Different USB cable do the same ... Different sound because the noise pattern transmitted is not the same depending of your USB cable. I have ifi iusb, ifi purifier and USB cable still do a difference. Those parts cut the 5...
Friend of mine tries the nano on his power amp and found it good after one hour. While it's with battery, I can't let it play all time. Any manner to use the USB power just to keep unit warm and ready and when we want listening with the best quality switch battery on? I never switch off my main gear to prevent to have a long warm up before have a good depth of soundstage and see my speakers disappear.
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