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That's funny. And a bit sad too. I get that sort of replies from Ebay sellers as well. But hey, at least they make an effort to rectify the problem. 
I got my ZS1 from Gearbest in about 10 days from placing the order, was impressed by the speed and decided to get the ZS3 from them. I didn't expect it would take a month to even process the order. LOL. I've had terrible experience on Aliexpress previously with shipping delays, but the silver cable I ordered for the ZS3 a week ago is already in my country, and will probably be delivered this weekend. 
I have a pair of ZS1 and ATE S, and thought ZS3 would make a great addition to my collection. I ordered these on Gearbest but they haven't shipped it since a month, and the first time I raised a ticket they told me it's on back order. I raised another ticket 2 days ago, and they told me that the product is in stock and will be shipped immediately, but the order status is still in processing. Is this something to expect from GB?  Has anyone who ordered this November from GB...
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