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The GR07 are very good sounding for the price and will replace them well because highly detailed soundquality, punchy bass, crisp clear mids, highs and wider soundstage with great builtquality. The other IEMs like UE TF10Pro, JVC FXZ100, FXZ200 and Sony EX7550 are also recommended too.
If you are looking for wider soundstage, crisp clear soundquality with bigger bass then JVC FX700, Denon C300, Sennheiser IE8, UE TF10Pro are amazing for the price.
If you are short on budget then Fiio E11 are great buy and they sound powerful, detailed, punchy with most low impedance headphones but JDS C421 are clear upgrade over E11 without paying much.
The Difference is big enough to make decision easier about these headphones like HD800 are bright yet clilincal, highly detailed but on cold side of sound. Grado PS1000 has little wamer, airy soundsignature than HD800 and highly detailed, vocal(male/female) sound so amazing on PS1000 and at the same time instruments sound so natural and highly detailed due to inner wood housing.
The Grado PS1000 are the most natural sounding headphones with wide soundstage and overall balanced soundquality. LCD-02 are also close and they sound amazing if pair with right AMPs/DAC.
The LCD-02 has big solid punchy deep bass and realy wide soundstage with amazing midrange and good detailed highs if pair with right AMPs/DAC(tube AMPs are recommended)..
The Turbine, Sony EX600, JVC FXD80 are great for these genres music and they are quite detailed without being bassy(only Turbine having very punchier bass but it still detailed). BTW if you can find Klipsch Image X5, UE TF10Pro for that price and they are amazing sounding, both offers punchy bass but overall balanced and very detailed soundquality.
The RE272 are very good sounding(very detailed, wide soundstage, balanced)and they are better pick if need close soundsignature to TF10Pro without being bassy. The balanced sounding IEMs like EX1000, GR07, ATH-CK100Pro are great sounding IEMs.
The E11 is pretty good for the price but JDS labs C421 are amazing for the price.
Usualy at CES every year news spread if they anounce to release new model with more drivers but so far no news this year at all. The Heir Audio released 5 drivers BA universal IEMs and maybe soon others will follow that.
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