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the new box seem more compact. but I think I like the old one a bit more that easier to get the amp out. The new packing need to be a bit care. And Justin just have a note on top that be care of the psu drop. In my case, I advice to turn the box sideway and slide the whole amp and psu out carefully. But 2 things the new package do over the old one. 1st, the new package to more solid then the old one. As the old package have the amp and psu side by side, in between may be...
I only got 2 set of tubes that the BHSE stock tube and a set of national that even not pair. And the tube rolling seen not so positive in by case, I think I have to got some better tubes but so far don't have any idea what to get.   the K01 is gone and so I cannot test for the filter. But I do now whats the different between DC801 and K01. maybe the new K01X is the solution that the report here is Hong Kong claim that K01x is more musical then the K01. 
I think BHSE is better match with a soften source that I change from K01 to DC801/DP800 now.Just as DC801's XLR OUTPUT PIN 2 is inverted. I have to use RCA input for BHSE.....
My #47 BHSE is back! It just arrived home today and run for 3 hours already. Hope that it is really fix this time. And yes. it is a 230V until~~ Also. I think this BHSE did some sound improvements too.
Yes. I just recevice fedex email for the bhse shippment notice from Justin, that should be my BHSE repair unit in 230v
Anyone had heard about Justin? I have a PM from him that said there will be Tracking Num in thursday or friday on 16 days ago. but upto today I still got neither the BHSE nor any tracking number.
Hi Justin. I have receive no email nor pm for track number or address confirm for my BHSE repair. can you pls confirm what state for the repair right now? as the repair had already take a year and a half. And you have pm the BHSE was fixed twice.
Hi Justin, There is a blue one on running. is it my rebuild unit? Also, I want to keep the original metal feet.
Thankyou for the quick response. But I am still willing the working BHSE can be back asap.
Any Idea if the #47 BHSE return? this 13-month fix is just not reasonable.   I already have a year+ waiting when I bought the BHSE with work for only 4 hours. The 1st time repair is quick but it down again in same problem just months after. And then it cause me this 13-month wait.
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