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Thanks, I got this fast and nicely.
Yes. My order are now on the way. Thanks Dan. And Hotmail is OK to recveive the confirmation. Just a question, is that Ether C are good for gaming too? or a gaming edition hp is coming?
But it dont seem tailor for Ether
I see.... My amp B52 have no 4 pin output.... maybe it need replace soon. Will Mrspeaker make the amp for ether?
May I ask why Mrspeaker only product 4pin xlr but no 3pin.xlr x2.cable?
Thanks for info.I just miss leaded the lead time is a date the mrspeaker will email me after the order set and paid.
I have contact them though here: but still got no reply....
Ihad placed my order for EtherC on 20 Dec 2015. But still in processing.....
the new box seem more compact. but I think I like the old one a bit more that easier to get the amp out. The new packing need to be a bit care. And Justin just have a note on top that be care of the psu drop. In my case, I advice to turn the box sideway and slide the whole amp and psu out carefully. But 2 things the new package do over the old one. 1st, the new package to more solid then the old one. As the old package have the amp and psu side by side, in between may be...
I only got 2 set of tubes that the BHSE stock tube and a set of national that even not pair. And the tube rolling seen not so positive in by case, I think I have to got some better tubes but so far don't have any idea what to get.   the K01 is gone and so I cannot test for the filter. But I do now whats the different between DC801 and K01. maybe the new K01X is the solution that the report here is Hong Kong claim that K01x is more musical then the K01. 
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