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Thankyou for the quick response. But I am still willing the working BHSE can be back asap.
Any Idea if the #47 BHSE return? this 13-month fix is just not reasonable.   I already have a year+ waiting when I bought the BHSE with work for only 4 hours. The 1st time repair is quick but it down again in same problem just months after. And then it cause me this 13-month wait.
...any idea when will the bhses start shipping?
Really Good NEWS, But for my repair, is it also need the new packaging?
will one of them be my #47 replacement?
But there is a good news. Mr. Justin just PM me that my BHSE will not be repair but replace the PCB. It is true that the troubleshoot are excruciating too. As Justin memtion that this particular BHSE have also burn out again.  
The BHSE #47 still not return to me yet. Any idea why the amp need to be fix for ten months, and still not yet return? so special.
The white one also look so great~
whatˊs the..... How can Mr. Justin build better and better.....the panel look even better then burmester.... But....when can my bhse fix?
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