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CAD U37   I was also thinking about the Yeti or AT2020 USB but tried this one out beforehand thinking I would just return it to Amazon if I didn't like it.  It ended up doing everything I needed at half the cost.  No issues with it after 2+ years of use.   I thought I would be sacrificing some noise/hiss pickup due to its price but that's not the case.  It has a silent background and for any recorded work, once you run it through your DAW I doubt you'd be able to tell...
I've been using a CAD U37 for gaming and it works great.    I picked mine up for $36 about 2 years ago and prices have creeped up a bit since then but I think it's right in the same performance levels of the Blue/Audiotechnica USB offerings for half the price.
I agree with vjack.   The D1 sound difference is very subtle.  Tighter bass, smoother vocals, slightly expanded soundstage is what I noticed out of a 2008 Macbook vs D1.  Again very slight changes though that you really need to focus in on to hear. It's not a night/day type difference.   But at that price point I liked it enough to act as a pseudo pre-amp and the headphone amp isn't that bad.   Just order it from a vendor that has a 30 day return period and...
$1,200 cables for $200 speakers. I rest my case.
Don't bother listening to goodolcheez's advice. The more I see him post the more I realize he's trolling.   He's suggesting you buy a cable that costs more than either your speakers or DAC .... so just go out and buy a DAC that is 5x the price.
The static noise you're running into could be interference from your computer.   What soundcard are you using?   I had the same noise issue on my pair until I went to a USB DAC.  Completely silent even with the volume turned up all the way.   The A5+ are probably worth the extra $100 for the remote/cooling upgrades in certain cases.  But if you just use them as computer speakers then the remote is sort of pointless.  If you have them hooked up to your T.V as...
Monoprice   A long time ago I bought one of the Blue Jeans LC-1 (still use it actually) but I could not tell the difference between the $40 BJC and the $2 version from Monoprice.   YMMV.
The best mic I ever used for gaming was a $10 mic I picked up from Walmart.   It was an older version of this mic.   I was really impressed that when I used it, it only picked up my voice and had no static or background noise.  Friends could hear me perfectly through VOIP.   Much more impressive than I expected it to be at that price.
With your music tastes, I'd look into the Emotiva airmotiv4.  They are on sale right now for 10% off so are right in your budget.
I like both Audirvana & Fidelia for different uses.   Fidelia works well with headphones because of the FHX processor. The playlist allows header sorting but it doesn't handle .cue files.   Audirvana has a much better GUI, handles .cue, and is much less buggy (on my system).  The playlist could use some work but for speaker listening, I prefer Audirvana.   I haven't compared the sound between them because they both sound good and I don't care enough at this...
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