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Purchased several years ago. About 9 months ago the right ear started crapping out.   The right ear is buzzy and thin...I remember intermittently the sound would re-appear, but it's gone worse. The left may also be going bad, I'm not sure.   Have since replaced them with (the much lesser) SE215s.    No box or Westone bag, but I'll throw in a Sennheiser case.    Since I'm in Canada, the RMA process was too much of a hassle. You might have better luck.    $69 pp...
How would the DAC in a Marantz SR6008 compare to, say, a Peachtree DacITx? Or a Schiit?   I ask because I'm currently running a Peachtree into a vintage Marantz 2285. With all the sales going on right now, it might be time to "modernize" my equipment...
PM me with condition, age and your price including shipping. Thanks. 
I think it would. PM'd to enquire. 
Looking for DAC to complete this chain:   Apple Airport Express Toslink Out -> DAC Toslink in -> RCA or XLR to vintage Marantz receiver.   NOT battery powered.   In Toronto, Canada. Let me know what you've got. 
Sold. Thanks everyone.
$39 plus shipping from Toronto, Canada.    These worked 9 months ago. Then the right earphone died out (probably due to wiring), and I stored them in my condominium's basement storage locker. On retrieving them last week it seems they don't work at all anymore. Sold for parts, as is.   Notes:   - Cabling intact and in good shape - Headband in very good shape - Foam ear cups are dried out - Slight yellowing of exterior meshing (as pictured) - Missing plastic...
Still looking for a PCM-M10.
Looking for a PCM-M10 to Toronto, Canada. Please PM me with details.   Thanks!
Purchased these a couple years back off the board. Used sparingly. Recently developed some distortion at certain frequencies in the right ear; now completely dropped out, although the right ear still fades in sometimes.    Likely a connection issue, but I'm no repairman and I don't have the patience to have it looked into.   Not sure what these are worth. I'll say $199 shipped and take the best offer. 
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