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SoulSyde, how are the M-80s? I got a pair for my son for Christmas but I have not heard them yet.
Picked up a pair from Newegg- Christmas gift from my wife. Had to check them out prior to them being gift wrapped to make sure I would be satisfied with the fit and sound. The stock tips attached created a comfortable seal that I can certainly live with. They feel pretty light in the ear- definitely more microphonics when worn down- pretty quiet though when worn over the ear though. Now, it has been awhile since I have worn IEMs- I had the Denon C551s and the MEE M6s....
I have a pair of TDK BA100s on the way- they have a flat cable. It is an armature-based design that is suppose to have good quality bass, though I do not know about the quantity.    http://www.head-fi.org/t/584513/tdk-ba100-impressions-discussion-thread
How else would you run this setup? You have to run an analog signal to the amp (it doesn't have a DAC).
Got to second the M50s- nice low end and clear mids and treble. Soundstage is pretty good for a closed phone.
As a headphone amp, I really like the µDAC2; when switching between the two I always settle on the µDAC2- the DTA-100a just lacks energy and clarity. But for driving my KEF's it is terrific! By the way, the KEF Q15's are pretty sensitive- 91 dB. To get plenty loud, I have the µDAC2 set at 12:00 and the DTA-100a at 10:00- thus still have plenty of overhead.
µDAC2 pairs very well with M50s. 
I have had this amp for a few weeks- it replaced the original Sonic Impact T-amp in my computer system. Computer--> µDAC2--> DTA-100a--> KEF Q15 speakers. Sounds fantastic with strong bass, beautiful mids and very clear treble- terrific imaging to boot. I highly recommend this amp to drive speakers! I have listened to the HP amp a couple of times- nothing special. I prefer the µDAC2 HP amp, however I have not listened to the Dayton's hp amp very much.
New Posts  All Forums: