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Ordered the upgrade- should receive it soon.
  Thanks! I will give it a try when I get home.  
Question: I downloaded the latest version of uLilith- How do you get VST plug-ins to work?
Audio Technica M50s. I have both the M50s and the C551's- you will not be disappointed. Better soundstage and tighter bass compared to the Denon's (which are very good IEM's). Sound very good unamped, though even better amped. Look on ebay for very good deals.
M50's immensely overrated at online pricing of <$100? Might be the most immensely silly observation on Headfi.
That's one option- I have my uDAC connected to a Sonic Impact T-amp, which has a terrible volume control, so I just use the uDAC to adjust the volume.
No, the volume control on the uDAC controls both the RCA outs AND the HP out when a headphone is connected.
ATH-M50s work very well for a wide variety of genres and are closed- little to no leakage.
Yeah, my M50s do bother me some when I wear my glasses- I need to tilt the frames slightly upward to relieve the discomfort. Works fine at home- less so at work.
Quote: Originally Posted by userlander The DAC-Extasy will be a lot closer, imo. It's way more neutral and closer to any CD player I've heard, including some nice sounding old skool Sony players. The uDAC is a lot more compressed sounding and colored in comparison. I know there's a lot of hype about the uDAC, perhaps deservedly so for its features for the price, but at the end of the day it's still an entry-level sounding DAC and imo is not going to...
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