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Well, not much cheaper- $197.80 vs. $199.99. Though you do have to pay the sales tax at Radio Shack.
Honestly, I doubt you will return them.
+1 for M-80s. I own the M50s and my son has the M-80s- they are just more enjoyable to listen to. Everything aman says about the M-80s is accurate- I am always asking my son if he brought his M-80s with him when he visits!
Not sure where you are located- Radio Shack carries the M-80s. They have a great return policy!  
I own the M50s and got the M-80s for my son for Christmas. While I do like my M50s very much, I would recommend the M-80s over the M50s for their overall musicality, sound stage and build quality. They are pretty sweet!
I own the M50s and I got my son the M-80s for Christmas. I listened to the M-80s over the Christmas break and all I can say is that I did not want to part with them! Music is presented in a smoother fashion- the highs are just smoother- they lack the edginess the M50s have. Bass has just as much impact. I think the area where they excel is in the mid-range. Vocals are nicely presented- definitely better than the M50s in the mid-range. A little bigger sound stage than the...
Whereas many IEMs are fussy about seal/positioning for bass, these seem to be more fussy about the treble. After playing with them more and more I am not really missing the treble like I had when I originally got them. Could be my brain is adjusting, though I am comparing them side by side with my son's M-80s which are a little brighter, but not that much.
SoulSyde, how are the M-80s? I got a pair for my son for Christmas but I have not heard them yet.
Picked up a pair from Newegg- Christmas gift from my wife. Had to check them out prior to them being gift wrapped to make sure I would be satisfied with the fit and sound. The stock tips attached created a comfortable seal that I can certainly live with. They feel pretty light in the ear- definitely more microphonics when worn down- pretty quiet though when worn over the ear though. Now, it has been awhile since I have worn IEMs- I had the Denon C551s and the MEE M6s....
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