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TDK BA100 would fit that description. Very good IEMs IMO.
Like stealing at this price! 
BA100s are quite addictive! Highs are quite mellow but can listen to them all day. Great with Jazz and acoustic guitar. Great vocals as well!
Well, not much cheaper- $197.80 vs. $199.99. Though you do have to pay the sales tax at Radio Shack.
Honestly, I doubt you will return them.
+1 for M-80s. I own the M50s and my son has the M-80s- they are just more enjoyable to listen to. Everything aman says about the M-80s is accurate- I am always asking my son if he brought his M-80s with him when he visits!
Not sure where you are located- Radio Shack carries the M-80s. They have a great return policy!  
I own the M50s and got the M-80s for my son for Christmas. While I do like my M50s very much, I would recommend the M-80s over the M50s for their overall musicality, sound stage and build quality. They are pretty sweet!
I own the M50s and I got my son the M-80s for Christmas. I listened to the M-80s over the Christmas break and all I can say is that I did not want to part with them! Music is presented in a smoother fashion- the highs are just smoother- they lack the edginess the M50s have. Bass has just as much impact. I think the area where they excel is in the mid-range. Vocals are nicely presented- definitely better than the M50s in the mid-range. A little bigger sound stage than the...
Whereas many IEMs are fussy about seal/positioning for bass, these seem to be more fussy about the treble. After playing with them more and more I am not really missing the treble like I had when I originally got them. Could be my brain is adjusting, though I am comparing them side by side with my son's M-80s which are a little brighter, but not that much.
New Posts  All Forums: