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I own both and I prefer the bass from the M80s; though it is not significantly different in quantity, the M80s bass hits a little harder (slight mid-bass hump) while the M50s extend a little deeper. The M50s, overall, are more analytical and sterile than the M80s, which are just more musical- likely due to a more pronounced mid-range. Both are good headphones that are very well constructed, though hands down the M80s are more portable and look better in public. For EDM,...
x2 for the M80s. Very good cans that just sound "right"- nice bottom end, terrific mids and a treble that you can listen to for hours. I like them much more than my AT M50s.
1. V-Moda Crossfade M80 2. ATH-M50S 3. TDK BA100 4. Koss KSC75 5. Koss A130
Definitely describes the TDK BA100s. Check Newegg- often have them for as low as $45 ($74.99 right now). Great sounding earphones!
TDK BA100 would fit that description. Very good IEMs IMO.
Like stealing at this price! 
BA100s are quite addictive! Highs are quite mellow but can listen to them all day. Great with Jazz and acoustic guitar. Great vocals as well!
Well, not much cheaper- $197.80 vs. $199.99. Though you do have to pay the sales tax at Radio Shack.
Honestly, I doubt you will return them.
+1 for M-80s. I own the M50s and my son has the M-80s- they are just more enjoyable to listen to. Everything aman says about the M-80s is accurate- I am always asking my son if he brought his M-80s with him when he visits!
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