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I think the bass is quite good on the M80s. Not boomy at all, but you can feel it when the music calls for it.
Definitely VMODA M80! Great portable headphone.
My son and I have the Shadow version- my daughter has the Pearl White. They look awesome on her!!
M-80s sound very very good with Dubstep.
I have both- get the M-80s. Much more portable and look terrific! The M50s are good for the home and office but not for being out and about. Also they do not sound as good as the M-80s under most circumstances but do offer somewhat better noise isolation. 
I recently replaced my uDac2 with the Audioengine D1 feeding a Dayton DTA-100a t-amp. Using KEF Q15 speakers. The Audioengine D1 does not lack for bass (at least in my system). Nice dac (warmer than the uDac2) that has very good synergy with the somewhat bright t-amp. Deep soundstage and very good instrument separation. 
The Audioengine D1 is definitely an upgrade from the uDac (original). Deeper soundstage with much better bass reproduction. Very good instrument separation. Now, it is closer with the uDac2- this one is brighter than the Audioengine D1 with a tad wider soundstage (in my system) however I find it too bright for my KEF Q15s and my Dayton Audio DTA-100a t-amp. The uDac2 pairs nicely with more laid back phones like the V-moda M80s.
Daughter lost one the medium tips for my MH1Cs- anyone willing to swap a pair of medium tips for a pair of large/small tips?   Thanks!
V-moda M-80s are very durable and sound very good. M-100 are on pre-order and are suppose to be even better.
I have both of these headphones: 1. M-80s- not even close on this one. 2. M50 has wider soundstage, while M-80 is deeper 3. M50s are a little more comfortable, however the M-80s have improved significantly over time. They are quite amenable to twisting which allows you to adjust them so that they sit flat on your ears. 4. They are fairly even in the bass department. M50s goes a little deeper, while the M-80s have more mid-bass thump to them.    I rarely...
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