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I see earlier that you asked about the Audioengine D1. It is, indeed, an excellent value and I am currently running my 600s from it- haven't listened to anything that the dac/amp combo couldn't handle extremely well. Much better than my motherboard! Highly recommended.
Sony XB500- tried at Best Buy. May have been broken- just awful!
I call BS OR he is retarded- you will not regret getting the M80s. I own them as well as the Sennheiser HD600s and while the 600s are better sounding, the M80s are more versatile and sound pretty damn good! I listened to the Solos and my M80s side by side and it wasn't even close- Solos are crap! M80s are better than the Studios as well. The Pros do sound pretty good compared to the M80s, though it is close.
Audio Technica M50S
I have both- get the M80s.
Just the cosmetics- same sound. True Blood version originates from the HBO original series by the same name.
I think the bass is quite good on the M80s. Not boomy at all, but you can feel it when the music calls for it.
Definitely VMODA M80! Great portable headphone.
My son and I have the Shadow version- my daughter has the Pearl White. They look awesome on her!!
M-80s sound very very good with Dubstep.
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