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Your point being...? Have you heard both the D1 and the Modi? Trust me, they sound a lot more alike than they do different.
With the Crack, for the most part. I max out the volume on the D1.
So, you're saying that the chip doesn't share ANY characteristics between DACs, especially budget DACs- that's simply not true. The implementation of the chip on budget DACs doesn't vary that much, at least not enough to completely change the sound.
The Modi should work just fine. It's based on the AKM4396 chip; same chip is used in the Audioengine D1, which I am currently using with the Crack. 
I assume you are referring to the Crack, correct? Very easy to build and the HD600s sound great on it. They weren't kidding when they named it "Crack"- can't get enough of it! No Speedball upgrade for now- maybe later.
What, no Bottlehead Crack love here?
They are worth $170. I listen to my HD600s at home and my M80s on the go- not too much of a drop off. M80s are very good!
Currently available for $150 on the V-moda website.
"Fairly easy to drive" meaning the Audioengine D1, a USB powered device, does not have a problem driving my 600s. Again, I pointed out that I did not have much to compare it to.
That's my current setup- I enjoy it very much! However, only thing I have to compare it to is the ­µDac2 (not bad either). They are fairly easy to drive, though not as easy as my V-moda M-80s or my M50s.
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