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x3 ATH-M50 Listening to them right now directly out of iPod Classic- they sound great!! Apple lossless mostly.
M50 sounds great straight out of my iPod Classic!
AKG 18 Audio-Technica 12 HEAL Sennheiser 17 HURT Stax 25 HEAL
I own the M50s and they are easily drived by my iPod Classic- sound terrific! However, I have not heard the other phones suggested above.
I own the Audio Technica ATH-M50s (~$100 on eBay) which isolate very well and do not leak very much, if at all. They sound great and are very comfortable. Good bass response that does not overshadow the mids and highs- very enjoyable with wide variety of music- jazz, rock, classical...
The Denon's are terrific, especially in the $5X.00 range. Great bass and smooth mids- the high's are pretty good as well. Very comfortable as well.
I exercise with my C551's all the time- no running though, just fast walking. They sound great! I hook the wire over my ear and do not think microphonics are an issue at all. They stay in place quite nicely.
Denon AH-C551s are durable, very comfortable and best of all sound fantastic!
Quote: Originally Posted by gohanssjn Do the 551's sit in the ear like the Shures do? What I mean it, the canal part goes into the ear, but the driver sits in the ridge of your ear and not out in the open away from the head....like the Ultimate Ears I guess. And can the cord go over the ear? The 551s do sit inside the ear, thus they are not very noticable. I actually wear the cord around my ear, so yes. I cannot answer whether the 751s are...
Which size tips are you using. I can't seem to get the best sound out of the medium tips- the smalls give me the best sound (great bass). Also, they stay is place pretty well, but I have not exercised with them yet. I hear the Comply T400 tips work very well with the 551s.
New Posts  All Forums: