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If you think they sound good now, you are in for a treat! The M50s really open up after about 100 hours of burn-in- tighter bass and very nice highs. Congrats on your purchase.
M50s do not need an amp and sound great with high bitrate music- most of my stuff is ripped to 320 or higher. I listen to rock, jazz, blues, trance and classical- all sound really good through these phones.
Got mine from nationwideproaudio on ebay- make them an offer (~$90.00). They have great feedback- 99.6%. Great headphones and steal at that price!
Good choice!!
M50s sound great with many types of music!
The AT ATH-M50s have very good bass- trance sounds great on them! Easy to drive as well. They are closed and, if you get them on eBay, well within your budget. Great phones.
Also, check out the AT ATH-M50s- they work very well unamped and should fit your budget.
The AT M50s would work- though I do not know how much they go for in your area.
I own the M50s and power them directly from an iPod and the iPhone. They sound great throughout the entire spectrum and are very well built- you will not regret your purchase!
I will throw another recommendation out for the M50s- great sounding phones unamped (iPod Classic- 80gb & iPhone 3GS)- punchy tight bass, very good mids and treble. I got them for $85 shipped off of eBay. Can't beat that!
New Posts  All Forums: