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Check out the AT ATH-M50s on ebay- less than $100. Should work quite nicely for you.
Another vote for the ATH-M50s. I power mine with an iPhone and an iPod Classic 80gb- the sound is excellent! Remember to let them burn in at least 50 hours before passing judgement on them however.
Audio Technica ATH-M50 on eBay would be perfect!
Nice job!! Not too bothered by the pleather, but nice to know I have an alternative.
Got my M50s for less than $100 and they sound terrific!!
Definitely reripping to a lossless format helps- M50s provide great detail to the point that I now can tell the difference between, say 256K and lossless, where with my Denon C551s I cannot.
x3 ATH-M50 Listening to them right now directly out of iPod Classic- they sound great!! Apple lossless mostly.
M50 sounds great straight out of my iPod Classic!
AKG 18 Audio-Technica 12 HEAL Sennheiser 17 HURT Stax 25 HEAL
I own the M50s and they are easily drived by my iPod Classic- sound terrific! However, I have not heard the other phones suggested above.
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