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Also, check out the AT ATH-M50s- they work very well unamped and should fit your budget.
The AT M50s would work- though I do not know how much they go for in your area.
I own the M50s and power them directly from an iPod and the iPhone. They sound great throughout the entire spectrum and are very well built- you will not regret your purchase!
I will throw another recommendation out for the M50s- great sounding phones unamped (iPod Classic- 80gb & iPhone 3GS)- punchy tight bass, very good mids and treble. I got them for $85 shipped off of eBay. Can't beat that!
Check out the AT ATH-M50s on ebay- less than $100. Should work quite nicely for you.
Another vote for the ATH-M50s. I power mine with an iPhone and an iPod Classic 80gb- the sound is excellent! Remember to let them burn in at least 50 hours before passing judgement on them however.
Audio Technica ATH-M50 on eBay would be perfect!
Nice job!! Not too bothered by the pleather, but nice to know I have an alternative.
Got my M50s for less than $100 and they sound terrific!!
Definitely reripping to a lossless format helps- M50s provide great detail to the point that I now can tell the difference between, say 256K and lossless, where with my Denon C551s I cannot.
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