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The M50s and the µDac pair very well and substantially increase listening enjoyment over the M50s unamped- most like due to the dac chip in the µDac. I listen to the M50s thru my iPhone daily (mostly flac files) and I recently got the µDac for my home computer (Windows 7 64-bit). I set it up with Foobar2000 and WASAPI to get bit-perfect playback and it sounds great- more detail, extended tight bass and much deeper soundstage. I "hear" more emotion in the music- Ornette...
Pulled the trigger last Friday- received the uDAC on Monday! Very quick turnaround. Not much experience with dacs/amps however it does sound significantly better than the on-board computer audio. Great mids and much smoother treble through my M50s. Adds significant depth to the soundstage. Big jump in performance feeding my SI T-amp driving Insignia 6.5" speakers!
The M50S model has a straight cord and the M50s are very easy to drive. I drive mine using my iPhone- sound great!!
Where are you located? Many of us M50 owners have gotten them off of ebay for less than $100.00 shipped- got mine from Nationwide Pro Audio (authorized dealer for AT). These are great headphones!
Definitely Audio Technica ATH-M50- get them off of ebay for around $90. Great headphones!
If you think they sound good now, you are in for a treat! The M50s really open up after about 100 hours of burn-in- tighter bass and very nice highs. Congrats on your purchase.
M50s do not need an amp and sound great with high bitrate music- most of my stuff is ripped to 320 or higher. I listen to rock, jazz, blues, trance and classical- all sound really good through these phones.
Got mine from nationwideproaudio on ebay- make them an offer (~$90.00). They have great feedback- 99.6%. Great headphones and steal at that price!
Good choice!!
M50s sound great with many types of music!
New Posts  All Forums: