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Have you gone back and listened to your $10 headphones lately? While you might think they sound the same, based on your initial impressions, your brain grows accustomed to the new "sound" and going back to the cheaper headphones typically yields an underwelming experience (not always- Koss KSC-75 can be had for around $10-20 and they sound pretty damn good!). I own the M50s and enjoy them very much, however I really started appreciating them when I got the iPhone 3GS....
Definitely will get better isolation from IEM. I only have experience with the M50s- they sound great with trance. Nice thumping bass, when called upon. Pretty comfortable after you get use to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by pfillion Originally Posted by donunus Again I want to confirm that the uDac is one awesome product. Its just making me enjoy the music Couldn't agree more! Though my wife thinks I'm cheating on her
The M50s are very good headphones. I listen to them on several portable sources- an iPod Classic (80gb) and my iPhone 3GS (very good sounding player!) to name a couple. The iPhone sounds better than the headphone jacks on any of my computers. I recently built a new computer and got the uDac to help improve the audio. I listen to music through Foobar2000 -> Wasapi for bit-perfect playback. What a difference! The music is just more musical (less grainy treble, tighter bass...
M50s on eBay for under $100 shipped- really tough to beat!
Quote: Originally Posted by bearmann just a quick question... Is there somebody who runs Windows > WASAPI > µDAC? Just want to make sure that there is no problem with bit perfect audio... Thanks! bearmann Yep! Foobar2000 with WASAPI on Windows 7 64-bit. Works like a charm!
The M50s and the µDac pair very well and substantially increase listening enjoyment over the M50s unamped- most like due to the dac chip in the µDac. I listen to the M50s thru my iPhone daily (mostly flac files) and I recently got the µDac for my home computer (Windows 7 64-bit). I set it up with Foobar2000 and WASAPI to get bit-perfect playback and it sounds great- more detail, extended tight bass and much deeper soundstage. I "hear" more emotion in the music- Ornette...
Pulled the trigger last Friday- received the uDAC on Monday! Very quick turnaround. Not much experience with dacs/amps however it does sound significantly better than the on-board computer audio. Great mids and much smoother treble through my M50s. Adds significant depth to the soundstage. Big jump in performance feeding my SI T-amp driving Insignia 6.5" speakers!
The M50S model has a straight cord and the M50s are very easy to drive. I drive mine using my iPhone- sound great!!
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