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No, the volume control on the uDAC controls both the RCA outs AND the HP out when a headphone is connected.
ATH-M50s work very well for a wide variety of genres and are closed- little to no leakage.
Yeah, my M50s do bother me some when I wear my glasses- I need to tilt the frames slightly upward to relieve the discomfort. Works fine at home- less so at work.
Quote: Originally Posted by userlander The DAC-Extasy will be a lot closer, imo. It's way more neutral and closer to any CD player I've heard, including some nice sounding old skool Sony players. The uDAC is a lot more compressed sounding and colored in comparison. I know there's a lot of hype about the uDAC, perhaps deservedly so for its features for the price, but at the end of the day it's still an entry-level sounding DAC and imo is not going to...
Quote: Originally Posted by robjrock Windows 7 users, you guys using WASAPI, Asio or KS? Gonna pull the trigger on the uDac once they're back in stock... can't wait to finally have a decent dac / amp for my headphones... EDIT: Looks like these puppies are back in stock! Wahoo! I just pulled the trigger. Oh, but then there is the horrible wait... (postage to Australia) Windows 7 64-bit using Foobar and WASAPI- no problems!
I think you'd like the M50s as well; very good over the entire spectrum and plenty of people use them for mixing- check out
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Have you gone back and listened to your $10 headphones lately? While you might think they sound the same, based on your initial impressions, your brain grows accustomed to the new "sound" and going back to the cheaper headphones typically yields an underwelming experience (not always- Koss KSC-75 can be had for around $10-20 and they sound pretty damn good!). I own the M50s and enjoy them very much, however I really started appreciating them when I got the iPhone 3GS....
Definitely will get better isolation from IEM. I only have experience with the M50s- they sound great with trance. Nice thumping bass, when called upon. Pretty comfortable after you get use to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by pfillion Originally Posted by donunus Again I want to confirm that the uDac is one awesome product. Its just making me enjoy the music Couldn't agree more! Though my wife thinks I'm cheating on her
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