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Yep- better than HD600s, which I have been comparing side-by-side for the last day and a half. I haven't really found anything that the HD600s do better than the 400is- even soundstage width.
Look forward to more impressions! I am waiting on my 400i to arrive and I currently own the HD600s. I use the Bottlehead Crack to drive them- what amp do you use?
Hifiman order- still "Processing". This sucks!
 I have Amazon Prime and I am also incredibly impatient! Had I had a little more patience, I would likely have these already and for even cheaper!  Live and learn, I guess.
Kinda pi**ed! Ordered directly from Hifiman on Sunday night and my order still says Processing. Grrrrrrrr!
Hello David. I currently have the HD600, Bottlehead Crack and the TEAC UD-301- great combination!! I want to pick up the 400i on Black Friday but am worried about amplification. How will the 400i sound driven directly from the UD-301? Eventually I can pick up a decent amp for the 400i but would rather not if the 301 will drive them well. Thanks!
Bottlehead Crack (no modifications, yet)- match made in heaven!!
Pretty sure it's analog.
Well, have only heard the Crack- I have it teamed up with a TEAC UD-301 Dac and the sounds is absolutely wonderful! Smooth and good punch- great sense of space and nice soundstage. This will keep me content for a long time! Adding the TEAC makes a big difference (I had the Audioengine D1 prior). 
I just got the UD-301- it replaces the Audioengine D1. It is feeding my Bottlehead Crack tube amp and HD-600 headphones. I have it hooked up through both USB and optical- mainly listening through optical connection (downloaded some DSD files and listened to them through USB). Most of my music is lossless (FLAC) with some 96/24 downloads from HDTracks. I have had it for a few day now and can safely say it is better than the D1. The clarity of the music is better and the...
New Posts  All Forums: