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Yes. When I open the player and have USB selected on the UD-301, then selecting Configure, then Device: select the "TEAC ASIO USB Driver".  It then allows you to choose between DSD over PCM or DSD Native.
I was listening to the 400i through my iPhone 6 Plus yesterday and I was impressed as hell- sounded really good! Loud enough for casual listening at least. 
I have both- I pair the HD600s with the Bottlehead Crack, while I listen to the 400i through my Teac UD-301 Dac/Headphone amp. Not much of a contest- the 400i sounds better in just about every aspect- soundstage is a little wider and definitely deeper. Instrument placement is more precise with the 400i. Bass is likely where the 400i completely dominates the HD600s- where on the HD600s the bass is there, its basically one note- very blurry and ill-defined. With the 400i,...
Please correct me if I am mistaken, but having read numerous posts about the 400i I do not believe anyone has reported receiving the original version with the screw-on connectors since the Black Friday sale began.
Mickey99   Hifiman HE-560 headphones
Yep- better than HD600s, which I have been comparing side-by-side for the last day and a half. I haven't really found anything that the HD600s do better than the 400is- even soundstage width.
Look forward to more impressions! I am waiting on my 400i to arrive and I currently own the HD600s. I use the Bottlehead Crack to drive them- what amp do you use?
Hifiman order- still "Processing". This sucks!
 I have Amazon Prime and I am also incredibly impatient! Had I had a little more patience, I would likely have these already and for even cheaper!  Live and learn, I guess.
Kinda pi**ed! Ordered directly from Hifiman on Sunday night and my order still says Processing. Grrrrrrrr!
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