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Well, while they extend further than the 600s, the 400i are not harsh sounding at all.
Why not the 400i? I do not listen to my HD600s much anymore since acquiring the 400i headphones. More open with better tighter bass. Highs are better as well. 600s might have better mid-range though. You missed the holiday sales on the 400i though (~$249).
I tried the wired P7s a while back but I don't remember them well enough to compare to the wireless version. The ability to go wireless and not experience much drop off in quality, if any, is quite liberating!
I just recently received the P7 wireless- sound great both wired and wireless. Great slam for the genres you are interested in! They are not dark- just slightly warm I would say. I cannot discern any difference in the weight of the left and right sides. Are they the most comfortable headphones I own- no. But they are more comfortable then both the V Moda M80s and M100s. Not as comfortable as my HIFIMAN 400i headphones. When they get a little uncomfortable (on the top of my...
Have had these for a little more than a week- I really like them!! Jazz and acoustic music is excellent with these IEMs. Been tip rolling and I did not care for the Comply T-400 medium tips- they lose their sparkle and bass seemed more flabby. I may need the large tips to get a better seal. At the time I got the Comply tips, I also purchased the Spinfit tips- Ahhhh!! Now you're talking!! Better fit than the original tips (which I liked) with slightly better clarity and...
I use mine with Windows 10- no issues at all.
Going to need an enclosure of some type. Hi-rez compatible? I am sure once the iPhone 7 hits the streets, we are going to see a flood of adapter options hit the market. 
@ScottFW Thanks for the in-depth info!! Loving the UD-301 with the Nuforce HA-200!
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