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Geddy Lee (Rush) Billy Gould (Faith No More) Justin Chancellor (Tool) Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) A list always subject to change but those are some of my current favorites. Honorary #6 Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) - Saw him do a great solo live and one of my all time favorite bands.
I'm listening to "The Bleeding" (Reissue) as i came across this. If you don't have that, pick it up first, although i have heard good things about "Kill." "The Bleeding" is a masterpiece, its like a chainsaw to the face with every song, grinding, brooding, evil, and brilliantly performed. Its about as classic a death metal album as there is. Heck, go get the Carcass album "Heartwork" if you need good death metal, but i would say stick to the classics
Howdy folks, I am looking to build a simple switch to change which set of speakers is output for a stereo for a friend. I just want a box with a stereo speaker cable in and two (or more) outs to go to speakers. Can i just get a toggle switch and some speaker jacks or do i need to take other things into consideration? This is not for a hifi set up and I want to do it with cheap components from Radio Shack, anyone with experience or help would be welcome.
Quote: Originally Posted by MaZa What are you talking about!? Lars Ulrich is teh sht!!! I hope you are kidding, Lars can't play alot of the parts he writes live. I suck as a drummer but i never write something i can't play everytime. Thats just arrogant and disrespectful of real musicians, what is he, the lost member of MilliVanilli
Opeth sounds like the ticket here. "Ghost Reveries" is basically a death metal album crossed with all the prog brilliance you could ever ask for. Micheal Ackerfelt is an amazing singer and can scream the paint off the wall. Symphony X are like Dream Theater with out the girlie man singer. I saw them live and that dude has pipes. Symphony X "The Odyssey" is rock and roll, prog, and metal in a great package. Isis as you said rock hard, Neurosis are pretty wicked. If...
Their first two records are each perfect in their own ways. SSTB is the perfect punk rock album. IKSoSE:3 is prog brilliance. Its like Rush -"Moving Pictures" just a great album beginning to end. The last record was darn good, but i fear for the future with the departure of Josh Eppart and Mike Todd. They may not seem important but they had a huge effect on the bands sound. Definitely one of the favorite bands, i saw them on Warped Tour a few years back and never looked back.
Kansas - "Leftoverture" for the opening vocals to "Carry On My Wayward Son" Opeth - (Could really be any of the Stephen Wilson records or Ghost Reveries) because even my mother thought it sounded pretty good despite death vocals. Slayer - "Reign in Blood" So heavy, so simple, but brilliant and straight forward no frills recording. The energy in the sound is almost tangible. It makes you want to punch infants. Pretty much any Tool record. Just brilliant work making...
Opeth - "Ghost Reveries" Lamb of God - "Ashes of the Wake" In Flames - "Come Clarity" Nevermore - "Enemies of Reality" (Remaster) Carcass - "Heartwork" All really good death metal and death metal influenced records. I saw Arch Enemy on Gigantour, a great live band. If you like the guitars Micheal Amott played on the Carcass record "Heartwork" which is one of the best real Death Metal albums ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by EFN And yeah, don't forget Rage Against The Machine debut album Hell yeah. I listened to this on Cassette in my first car until i got a cd player. I stole the tape from my guitar teacher. One of my favorites to rock out to.
Rush - Moving Pictures Opeth - Ghost Reveries Alkaline Trio - Alkaline Trio (Self-Titled) Aerosmith - Toys in the Attic Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 Faith No More - The Real Thing (perfect record beginning to end) I played this for a friend who never heard it, he couldn't believe it was 15 years old, he said it sounded almost new. Proves how far ahead of their time FNM really were. A little old a little new
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