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The RP-21's concern me being the new kid on the block. I also fear they lack enough isolation. The HD280 Pros seem like the only thing out there with a ton of isolation. Is the sound at least of good quality for most types of music? Metal, Prog, Death, everything else? I want something closed and circumaural that isolates well and sounds good.
Another thing I would like to know is how easily is the 80ohm Beyer driven? I don't have an amp, and although I may build a Cmoy in the future I would like to drive the Dt770's with my Archos 604 or my PC.
Can you tell me the difference in isolation between the RP-21's and the Beyers?
So I am in the market for closedbacks, and originally I wanted something under $100USD. However, I really would like to know from one the multitude of DT770 owners if they are as sweet as everyone makes them out to be. I want good sound, good isolation, and maybe a little style. The phones I'm looking for should sound good without an amp, be able to block out traffic and maybe even my drumming, be comfy for long days of wear, and durable. Right now the Senn HD280 Pro's are...
I gave a 100USD budget, not 4grand. We all dream of cans like those but I'm a poor college student.
No love for the HD280 Pros? They seem like a well established solid performer? I really would rather get something that will get the job done long term and has been proven as durable. Is the Koss r10 really that good? I have used a friend's PortaPros and thought they were pretty good for sound, but I've also heard cheap closedbacks tend to sound terrible. It seems to me for $100USD The Senn HD280's seem awesome, but I really want to know what kind a isolation I will get,...
My marshmallows (canalphones) are similar to IEMs and while i like the idea, i don't always want to shove rubber or foam in my ears. It would be nice to have a change. BTW Sennheiser HD 280 Pro? Seems like a worthy choice, HeadRoom reccos, does Head-fi agree? And for any owners, how much isolation can i expect (city traffic, drumming, engineering professors)
I've been out of the Head-Fi loop for a few months. About a year ago I got some JVC Marshmallows and have really enjoyed them, but now I want something more comfy, but with as much isolation as possible. Something below $100 would be preferable. I want something to listen to while outside in loud environments, while drumming, and that won't disturb people in the same room. Go Head-fiers! My source is my PC and an Archos 604 pmp
I'm on the fence. Its my birthday and I need to replace a four year old iPod. Yes its still alive and kicking. I want at least 30GB storage, video playback, solidly built hardware, and something I won't regret. Right now the Zune is high on my list but with a new version in the works and crummy software, I'm not sold. I really like the Archos 404, and 604 but can't actually try them to get a good idea of quality. I have even considered a new iPod but I'm not really all...
I just picked up a set a JVC FX33 Marshmallows last night. I have been listening to a nice variety (Death Metal, Prog, Thrash, anything else) and I must say, for under $30USD these sound really good. Nice low end when sealed to my ears. I feel like I can hear things I missed on my cheapy phones of the past. I knew there was more to be had with sound quality and I am excited to find more. Definitely make me want something more from my headphones. Thanks to all the people on...
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