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I just ordered my set of Westone UM1's and now I begin the waiting game... My ears will thank me later.
I'm personally seriously considering the Super.fi3's so my recco will go with them
I miss my buds some days. I thought they were the greatest things ever until i got my marshmallows when the ibuds quit. I agree, best bundled headphones but nothing compared to 20 well spent dollars at ratshack or bestbuy
Westone UM1's have an upgrade kit that you can get custom molds by an audiologist. The IEMs are about 110USD, another hundred for the molds, but the audiologist will probably be the nail in the coffin for price.
For the purposes of cheap, decent sounding phones I must say my JVC-Marshmallows HX33's have been good to me. Designed like the plug but they sound pretty good and usually can be found even at big box stores for 20 bucks. They stay in my ear through most everything and sound pretty good out of a portable player.
I do have a question on the's. They seem big in box, do they stick out far when listening or remain relatively tucked away in your ears. They look big when i seem them.
By request, my music preferences include but are not limited to... Metal Progressive Rock Death Metal Classic Rock (Beatles to Zeppelin) Punk (hear and there) Rock in general. I would like IEMs that work well for everything, have a balanced EQ, and will be comfortable all day.
One Bump for the night crowd
I am reconsidering IEMs again. UM1, ER6i, E3c, UE Super.fi3, pretty much the whole $100USD category. Who wins for comfort, sound, durability? I've heard the UM1's are super comfy, but can any tri-flange tips by other companies fit them? I want something with enough options in tips that i can make them work for me. Closed cans seem to be a dead end for isolation+sound so I'm back to cramming things in my ears...
I need headphones, something I don't cram into my ears, I have marshmallows and like them for the first hour or so. I want something comfy with enough isolation to walk outside in urban traffic and doesn't leak in a quiet room. I don't care how much of a geek I look like walking around in them or if they are extremely portable. I'll give a $150USD price cap, but $100 would be better. Sound is really important but I know I'm asking for cheap closed cans so they don't have...
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