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I have my Westone UM-1 universal fits in right now. And if nothing else they seem really comfy.
I got my UM-1's in and I am having what may or may not be a problem. The 1/8inch plug doesn't hold a good connection in my Archos 604 or my Sandisk Sansa when rotated. Also, if i jiggle the cable at the plug, I lose connection. This has never happened with previous headphones and for $110 I would expect more. Also, even with a ton of EQ its hard to get a pleasing sound. I am new to this higher-end stuff and I want to know if something is wrong or am I just picky.
I could recco some Vic Firth drum phones. He could listen to music but with a ton of isolation. I play drums and it takes a ton to block them out so these should take care of regular life. Over 24db of isolation
I actually found my gradfather's Pioneer SK-31 on that site. Wicked cool stuff. +1 for Breakin' references
I just did my brother's Mallows too. He liked the fact that the highs are more apparent and the overwhelming bass is a bit less overwhelming. Nice little mod i must say.
Best 5 mins I've spent all week. NO MORE SUPER BASS. I love my Marshmallows but now they feel a bit more open and actually better. My first Kramer-fication and I'm now a satifisfied customer of the school of Garrett. ME's represent
+1 for self-titled. Have it on vinyl and the greatest hits on my pc. More Than a Feeling is the cheesiest song, but god I love it.
If you want isolation (like you get with closed) and pretty darn good sound you could skip the closed and get some $20 JVC Marshmallows. I love my mine.. although they are being replaced with UM1's tomorrow. Its tough to get cheap, good sounding closed phones. The design does not always help with cheap drivers. Higher end closed phones like Beyer DT770's or even something in the $100 range like Denon D1000's or EqAudio RP-21's apparently sound really good, but at $50 i...
My mp3 collection consists of mainly 192kpbs mp3's ripped using the iTunes mp3 encoder. For now they sound fine but as hard drives get cheap and 100gb portables become available, going to 320kbps or even lossless becomes a very solid option. Just rip your cd's with a decent encoder at least at 192kbps and when you can hear problems, then you know its time to upgrade.
I remember when I got my iPod and I was blown away by the iBuds... Ahh the memories. A buddy of mine pointed me here and I now use JVC Marshmallows with Westone UM-1's arriving tommorow... Now i need something for home use. The bug has bitten me like so many of us. Head-Fi is an amazing mix of cheap thrills (KSC75's), ingenuity(Kramer mods), and utter insanity (R10's, TakeT's) but everyone appreciates every level of audio. We are music lovers, sound snobs, and we know how...
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