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Are there any sub $50 carts that i could get from Musicians Friend or Guitar Center (same company i know) that would compare well to the Grado, it would be nice to order stuff together. I know they sway towards DJ gear but maybe they have something worth getting.
Thanks for the offer but fortunately we just got a guitar center a few months back and for $11 it would be cheaper to pick one up then have you pay shipping, thanks for clearing up some of the setup, i will definitely be getting that headshell and ordering the grado soon enough, hopefully i can figure out this setup business and clean up my signal a bit.
How are the budget Grado carts (grado black)? I don't have the best gear so really high end gear isn't worth the investment at this point, i figure when i'm ready to dive head first i'll start with a better turntable. The stanton headshell seems promising. My rubber mat seems to be in great condition (still soft and pliable). I will definitely investigate adding some isolation to the TT although my dorm room is in a 100 year old house so this joint creaks and sways. Also,...
I fondly remember my best friend and I at about 8 years old with my dad's record player (which is currently pumping out some Aerosmith ironically enough) listening to Aerosmith's 1980 Greatest Hits record.
Although I've been listening to vinyl for a while, i really have no idea whats out there. I'm using my dad's old Technics SL-D202 and want to know what budget upgrades i could do. I need a new cartridge and if there are any essentials i need it would be nice to know. Mostly i listen on a really cheap set up so lets not get carried away with addons. i just want to get the best sound i can without spending alot. Thanks
I found a Sony STR D715 receiver at a local used music store. They want $60 for it. I'm just curious is this worth my time and money. I'm a poor college student and i just want to hook a set of speakers to them in my dorm, hook my Technics turntable up, and blast my computer thru them. Its in really nice condition and I was curious if anyone had experience with this or a similar model.
I've had my Westone UM-1's for a few months now and I am getting to the point of needing some new tips. I like the small set shipped with them but wouldn't mind trying some other options. Is there a packaged set of tips (like the universal fit kit) thats fits on UM-1's without modification or just some tip recommendations from other owners? Another question would be who to buy from? I would prefer a reputable retailer I can actually trust rather than saving a few bucks...
+1 on PX-100's. Really solid sound. Very light. Comfy as anything I've ever had. If you want isolation my Westone UM-1's are fairly comfortable and sell for about $120 shipped.
Westone UM-1's shipped $120 USD. I love mine. They do need some EQ adjustment for good sound but I really enjoy mine.
I don't know if I just got the luck of the Irish on my side but I just picked up a pair of Senn PX-100's for $18.99 at my local Circuit City. Great Deal? or Greatest Deal? They sound great and fill my void for an open phone. Check out you local store and see if its closeout or something.
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