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Bumped for where to buy
Well, thanks for all the opinions. My current gear is PX100's, KSC75's, and UM-1's so I've at this a little while, but I am getting near the end of college and money will start to become available and the one time I heard Grado's it was SR60's years ago and I really liked them and I want to enjoy the journey from iBuds to great sounding phones. The 60 and th 80 are definitely where I am looking right now, What i would really like to know is how easy would it be to recable...
I really want to know what the difference between the 60's and 80's other than pads? Same drivers? Just want to know if the 80 is worth 20 or 30 bucks more or if i could later repad and recable the 60's
So I think I want to know the Grado sound. I love rock, people insist the Grado sound suits rock. I just want to know whether to start with the SR60, SR80, Allessandro MS-1, maybe even SR125. I just would like to know the relative advantages of each product and whether the upgrade from one model to another is worth the cost. Currently my sources will be a ****ty lappy soundcard and my Cowon D2 playing mp3's between 192kbps and 320kbps. I would prefer not to need an amp....
My Westone UM-1's are really comfy, sound good, and hide pretty well inside the ear if you buy the clear version. About $120 shipped from Westone's website but other online retailers sell them. I urge you to pick up the Shure Fit Kit over at earphone solutions and find the tips the are most comfortable and have the best isolation. So for less than $150 you'll be good to go. Plus later on they can be upgraded to have a custom tip. Thats just my two cents.
Just curious if anyone has had experience with Creative's new X-Fi Notebook card in Linux, specifically Ubuntu or another debian based distro. I am looking at adding it to my T61 ThinkPad because the onboard is pretty bad through headphones.
I ended up ordering the Cowon D2 and a 16GB SDHC card. I'll bring my impressions when I get to hear it for a while
Bumpity Bump
Prog, Metal, Punk, Jazz occasionally, Rock, a lot of stuff really. I would like some sort of adjustable EQ so i can fit the sound to what i need.
My Archos 604's battery croaked and my 3rd Gen iPod's battery is on its last legs. I don't want to give Archos anymore of my money to replace the battery on a player i'm not in love with so i figure i should start fresh. Right now the Cowon D2 is tempting because of its SDHC slot. Also if its close to the Cowon in sound the new Creative Zen is tempting. So i want Flash, good sound, 32gb or expandable to such levels and under $200.00. Are there any other players with SDHC...
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