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...And I had a bit of an eargasm. I currently use PX100's most of the time which I quite enjoy but I wandered into Guitar Center today and convinced the sound guy to let me audition the K240's. So i plugged into my Cowon D2, put on some Jeff Buckley, cranked it the heck up (Now i finally understand why you need a dedicated amp) and enjoyed. I ran through some of my favorite songs looking to see how they handled different styles and I was kind of amazed. Clarity, impact,...
Should I just give in and go open? The DT880's are really well liked and seem pretty cool. 300USD is my only requirement now, what does the head-fi recommend?
The Denon D2000 is really appealing. I want phones with minimal leakage and an open sound and they seem to fit the bill. For the time being it would be used out of my Cowon d2 but I may get an amp or put together a Cmoy in the near future. I want something rocking and fun with good tight bass and nice treble. Is their another phone out their around $300USD that I should consider. The DT770's worry me because they seem to be bass-centric and I want as close to an open sound...
New question, should i keep saving up and go for the D2000? It seems to me that it might suit my desire to have an open sounding can without all the leakage. I could see myself building a Cmoy amp in the short term and using the D2000 for a lot longer than the D100x or the DT770's. The d2000 is so well reviewed here that its hard not to consider saving for an extra couple of months and getting them. Anyone else think i should wait just a bit longer and get what i hope is a...
Anymore opinions? I think the Denon's seem like a good idea but the AKG K271's appeal to me in terms of style. I know that seems stupid but i dig big studio cans. How does their sound compare to the Denons, and are there any other sub $200USD closed phones i should be looking at?
A little sometimes but i deal. I use a Cowon D2 8gb + 16GBSDHC and my UM-1's or PX100's so its not too horrible I i lose it all. The D2 is nice and small and no too terribly expense and sounds good but has a wonky GUI sometimes and tag issues. PX 100's make great portables if u don't need isolation and they were 20bucks so its no real loss.
Okay quick closed phone question, of the Denon D1000, D1001 and the DT770 80ohm which is the best sounding. I need a closed phone to prevent leakage but i don't need much isolation. My tastes are generally rock, prog, punk, and metal. I like bass but don't need a ton of it. I like punchy tight bass rather than tons of it. I love treble to the point of loving it too much so it would be nice. Soundstage is nice, i really like open sounding headphones but i kinda need closed...
Anyone able to put together some decent mechanical drawings of the DarkAudio Liberators so I could try and make some Please? I was going the SR-60/80 route with my next headphones but the MS-1s just got a huge boost in my book. I just need basic dimensions so i can machine them properly out of nice wood. and maybe try to make some woodie cups while i'm at it. I'll post pics if this ever happens.
I have the Presidians and they make a great alternative to PC speaker sets at big box stores. I have an Aiwa Reciever i paid 5 bucks for at a yard sale, the presidians, and some rat shack speaker wire hooked up to my laptop and they sound much better than most computer speakers i've heard and it cost me 30bucks. They are not perfect but way better than they should be at 15 dollars.
I think I had a pair of these in middle school. I got them at a Cambridge Soundworks store because I thought 70bucks of Grado's was unreasonable for just headphones. Oh how times have changed . Damn you Head-fi. P.S. All i really remember about my Koss's was the absolutely insane bass and how I was really sad when they died. I spent years trying to find something as good and never did until I found Head-fi.
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