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Just ordered my Denon 1001k's and have some cash sitting around and my next obvious buy would be source stuff. I am using the crummy sound card in my ThinkPad and think a DAC could do some good. Also I have a Cowon D2 which could see benefit of an amp. I want something basic that is maybe portable that is an amp and DAC in one unit that can funtion our of my D2 at least as an amp and out of my pc via USB because i lack a line out. I am looking for good quality at the...
I pulled the trigger on the first pair of D1001k's I found under 80 bucks on Amazon. The seller seems legit and hopefully i get these next week. Now my wallet will reload and I can consider Markl mods and eventually an amp so i can prepare to move into hp's requiring an amp.
Scoping out my next pair and these look so flippin cool. They seem to be well liked. I just want to know if they leak sound and if i can get a different pair of cans that don't leak and sound better for rock and metal at this price. Thanks for the help.
For anyone interested in great customer service on headphones, I just sent my UM-1's back for service when one ear went quiet. I actually spoke to a real person in Colorado Springs where Westone is located, they actually called me back to let me know they received my headphones and when they would get back to me. Now i have fresh cables under the 1 year warranty, just barely, and can say although i am not in love with the sound of the UM-1, Westone just made me consider...
Denon AH-D1001k, about 80bucks on Amazon. Closed and well loved
I just threw a TubeWorks Real Tube overdrive in my chain. Its different but kinda cool. Need a few days to mess around with the tone. @ bloodydoorknob, i am truly jealous of the little setup. Nice freakin guitar.
Isolation isn't terribly important. Leakage is. I listen at a reasonable level so that definitely helps me lean toward the denons
If detail is hearing every instrument and the layers they build, thats what I want. I had a good experience with AKG K240's but they are open and I need no leakage. I have IEM's and I'm not in love with them for anything but playing drums. $200 would be a fair budget. Right now the Denon D1001k's are appealing becuz of price and really good reviews here. I want an open sound in a closed can with great detail, bass impact, and balance across the frequency spectrum. Any...
After listening to a set of AKG 240s, I realized I am leaving a lot on the table with my current arsenal. I am in the process of getting my UM-1's repaired under warranty and now have a job which should allow me to get okay deals on a few brands of headphones. I am looking for metal, rock, and punk phones with great detail and accuracy but still musical. $200 is about the ceiling and closed or IEM is important. Right now the Denon D1001 is my first choice but the Ety ER4P...
Damn you headphones. The right ear of my Westone UM-1's is very quiet out of every source I've tried. Sound is there but its very faint. What the hell should I do? I wiggled the cables and that changed nothing and tried 3 sources with the same problem each time. Am I screwed or should I call up Westone and see what they say?
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