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Wow. Just got off the phone with Logitech/UE. Great dude on the phone. Started the replacement process. I have like 25 days of warranty left so they picked a great day to die. This is the second time a headphone company blew me away with service (first time being Westone). Makes the high price seem totally worth it. Now if only I could find my UM-1's to hold me over until I get fresh UE TF10's.
azncookiecutter -  How long have you had you TripleFi's? I was lead to believe on the website they only have a 30 day warranty and these are almost a year old. I suppose I will need to investigate that option.
Haven't been here in a long time. I think the bass driver in my left Triple-Fi just quit. I tested multiple different tips and even tried it in both ears and a-b tested with right and the low end is all but gone in the left ear. Not sure if I should try to get a new cable or if something in the earphone itself has died and now I am out a pricy pair of IEMs (admittedly I got them for $99 during the great Amazon sale a while back). I really don't want to go back to my...
My Cowon D2 is beginning to show its age and I would rather buy a new player than just throw a 32GB SD card at the problem. After a long time away from Apple I think the 64GB Touch is my best option. Primarily I will be listening through my Denons, Koss CLips, and my soon delivered Triple-Fi Pros. The apps and games seem like a nice bonus. Tell me if I am wrong in thinking the Touch is as good as it gets for an all around awesome device?
Cha Ching. Merry Xmas to myself.
My brother is a sound guy at a little venue in these parts and is looking to buy a decent set of cans to help with work and also so he stops stealing my Denon D1001Ks. The only flaw we find with the Denon's for this purpose is they don't block quite enough sound. Want a similar around $100 pair of cans with good low end (not boom, just low enough to mix kick drums) and slightly better isolation. Just want the best sound with good low end reproduction and maybe an more...
Been away for far too long and return looking for a player recommendation. I currently have a older Cowon D2 8Gb (16SDHC) and it has been pretty good to me. I like its sound, small size, and sweet as hell battery. However, even if I shelled out for a new 32SDHC card, I wouldn't have quite the storage I want. I am wondering if all the hate on the new iPod Classic (6th Gen) for its bad sound is true or if its the right choice. Having tried a ton of other players...
The Alien plus the HEADSIX is a bit cheaper and i don't need a portable dac but the amp should be portable. The 2 Move is pricer but does it sound better? Looking for all opinions for a sub $200 amp / dac setup with at least the amp having portability. I use Denon D1001k's as primary listening. Cowon D2 as portable source. Think Pad mostly at home or school.
Corda 2 Move seems about right and Meier seems like a fun company considering Jans presence here and the cost is not bad, but building my own appeals to the geek in me. Only USB out on the ThinkPad. Great lappy but very business/ work oriented.
I was a little skeptical of burn in as a whole, it made some sense but I am always a skeptic. I just put 8 hours of pink noise into my year old PX100's and on some stuff they do sound livelier. Its like they opened up a bit more. Particularly on Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake. Rocking that now. They feel like they making more music than usual, then again, who knows. Might try to throw some more pink noise at these this week. Also when i get my D1001k's next week, I listen...
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