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You have a 2011 Mixamp Pro. You'll need this cable if it doesn't come with it   Also, make sure you have an optical cable too.   And yes, if you don't care to use the chat features, just plug your headphones in directly.
If you know of a female jack that's small enough, it's easy enough to get inside and mod it in. I had to open mine to clean out a couple hairs and saw that there is "some" room inside.  If you can find an Asus Xonar U1 (discontinued), it's a slightly bigger "desktop" version of the U3. The features are all the same am I'm sure the U1 has a better amp section than the U3.
Totally forgot to mention but the pouch that came with the HS-15 was a gift from the seller that I bought them from and not actually included when bought new. My bad XD
I've been using Vornado fans since around 2002. My first one, a 10in-ish model, was great and I had it on for literally 2 years and it never had any issues. I bought their tower fan a few years ago, which broke down after 2 years but they sent me a replacement within 3 days on their dime. It's only an okay fan but still better than the majority. Their circulars are the best and worth their pricier price tag.
IIRC, try looking for K271 pads.
Yeah, there's just a ring of glue under the wax paper. Grado pads are thicker but they do clamp, it's not harsh but def noticeable. I can't really compare the pads on the SR60 that I have because they look like they've gotten a lot of sun.
It was only a matter of time. I've been using mine just about every day since '08 and only stopped because I ran the pads down raw. Bought new pads a couple months ago and I couldn't be happier to use them again. Now I have enough spare pads to last me another 15 years lol.
@MLE  I expect nothing less in the HS15 review than you using Gamepro's review scale.  
I probably would've tossed in some Grado SR60s in the package too just for the hell of it.
 I'll send em out whenever you're ready for them.
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