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No issues with speakers either... cept for the split second max volume output when audio is playing and the headphones are being plugged in or disconnected. 
Yeah, still game on pc but not quite as much anymore. I still use my H&K AVR-254 for console duty.
grace m9xx and X7LE. I have an mstage in the closet though. Not likely to getting another amp any time soon.
Not to be off topic but my HD800 comes in tomorrow. I'm pretty hyped to get them in and see if that 6k peak is going to kill me or not. My days of joining all those MD grab bags finally paid off.
So what's a good mic solution for the HD800?
Gotcha. I had something similar that I used for my sonos. Ended up returning that one and picked up a receiver only model because it was one hell of a time to find something that stayed on and didn't go to sleep after 5 min if no activity.
  X7 can transmit and receive over bluetooth? Also, getting in a nice pair of IEMs tomorrow. No one better steal it off my porch.
Ever thought about just getting a PCI-E extender ribbon cable for your Zx? It won't be a pretty build but you could potentially mount your Zx outside your case.
Inductive/wireless charging was one of the main reasons why I decided on the S6. I loved it when I had my Palm Pre and missed it tremendously when I had to upgrade and then upgrade again to another phone that didn't have wireless charging. The only time I ever need to plug in my S6 is file transferring and when I need that quick charge when I knock my phone off the charging stand when I'm asleep.   Still despise touch wiz tho. Too lazy to root.
I'm not a fan of type c either. They look like they're just as prone to breaking like micro usb. I really hate to admit this but the lightning connector just might be the perfect connector. 
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