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I never got passed the first tape of Project A-ko mainly because that's all I had and anime VHS tapes were expensive. I watched stuff when I was way young in cantonese dub on laser disc like dragon ball and gundam but what got me really hooked was Ranma 1/2, Tenchi, and Macross Plus.
That reminds me, I gotta finish Yozakura Quartet.
Wait, there's a new Tenchi? I finished Geminar a few months ago and also didn't hate it. El Hazard was amazing, still have a couple of the subbed VHS tapes with the snap lock case.
nope, youtube only outputs in stereo. You can find/google 5.1 audio test files and you should get some AC3 files and stuff.
I prefer S-Logic with open cans.   I still want to get me a pair of the Pro 2500 to try out.
Heads up for anyone wanting to try the hfi-15g, $50 BIN or $25 for a 6 day auction on ebay. It looks like it's for the older model so you'll get the long cord.
I never really played Doom2 that much since I didn't have a computer back then. I played some deathmatch at a friend's house that had a 4 computer LAN setup for Doom 2 back in the days. It was just hilarious that I would shoot 20 rockets at my friend and he would just side step and dodge every one of them then shoot me in the face with a double barrel.
Doom 2 deathmatch... just sayin'....
I use my 15G out of a Zune HD and it sounds perfectly fine to me. I've used mine for about 6 years now and it has never skipped a beat. Only thing is that the pads will probably deteriorate in the 4th year or so depending on usage but the pads are $5 on ebay so I bought like 5 sets.
I'll be modding my 15G with a detachable cable soon. Why? Mainly because of boredom and to level up my soldering skills. I just need to order a few panel mount female jacks to see what fits best inside. I'm also gonna see if stuffing some polyfil into the cups of the HS15 helps it out any. I opened them up a few days ago and there is absolutely nothing inside so maybe it can tighten the bass a little.
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