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@MLE    Tell me one thing. HOW DAT BASS BE?
So what's the thickness and the inner and outer diameter of the 1540 alcantera pads? Maybe I can mod them onto my Pro2900.
I keep telling myself that I'll pick up the TH600 but then I envision hot California summers. I'm still waiting for Ultrasone to announce something to the affect of a new line of PROS.
I'm curious if the 1540 could pull me away from my "bass modded" 2900. I will find a way to budget $500 for them, tax return maybe.   How's the heat with the 1540? Summer is coming up.
Blame the bass gods.
I'm going to have to test run some 1540s...
Too bad the coupon code doesn't work for the black/grey filters. It works on the greens though.
*cough* Pro2900 *cough* bass mod *cough*
I play Visual Novels in DH. Would the X7 LE be beneficial? 
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