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Quote: Originally Posted by exe163 very classic but a little bit overpriced? Please never post in a for sale thread saying you think the item is overpriced. This is something for PMs.
In the beginning of "Alberta", and Eric says "Hang on, hang on" and the crowd laughs.. What happened?
Not a single one of those dishes is real.
E.D.G.E. Gx400
You have the picture of Jaben's connectors saved anywhere?
Quote: Originally Posted by Chase- I just tried it using youtube and my ms1s. Didn't notice a difference in either channel. youtube is mono.
Quote: Originally Posted by necropimp why historical fiction... plenty of first hand accounts out there unless you're specifically interested in what ifs and sci-fi type stuff and do you want from the nazi viewpoint or the viewpoint of a german soldier? German soldier. I figured fiction would give me more of a storyline, whereas nonfiction would focus on being informative about the war.
Quote: Originally Posted by Febs Since the original poster mentioned that he wanted a novel told from the Nazi side, I'll add that Wouk's books make use of extensive excerpts from the memoirs of a character named Armand Roon, a fictional general on Hitler's staff who analyzes, from the German perspective, Hitler's military strategies. Oooo, interesting.
Thanks, both of you.
Old pic, there is now another holdaphone supporting a Sextett. I get bonus points for an AKG, right?
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