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You just bumped a year old thread >.<
double post
Zune+Mini^3, ridicously good sounding.
Quote: Originally Posted by Golden Monkey I'm so glad you picked up the MKV...you're gonna love it. Those 650's will SHINE. Why 600's though? They are pretty similar. It's like vanilla ice cream and vanilla bean ice cream, lol...not knocking the 600's at all, mind you, just curious. I don't know about your ice cream, but vanilla bean is vastly superior to vanilla in my experience. (I am not aluding that the HD600s are superior to the HD650,...
Know anything else of PMPs with emulation? coming soon? You seem to really be in the know with the portables.
Whats the battery life like, this looks very awesome
30 gb Zune--> Mini^3--> P to S converter--> ER4P This thread is the only reason I come to this subforum..
Another lives...
Hardforum or Anandtech
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