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Quote: Originally Posted by Fitz but many of us consider it perfect for letting the equipment get out of the way and instead focus purely on the music. Couldn't have said it better myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by franky_s After a very long timne of waiting for my Jeff Rossel kit, finally I made it. My CK²III is completed. And I must say, the sound is wonderfull! I will give him some hours of burning in and then I will try to decide which amp I love more - the CK²III or my Millett Max. I am not sure untill now. Does Jeff's CKIII kit include the chassis, jacks, and everything required to make and case the amplifier?
The Aoyue 936 I posted earlier is a direct clone of the Hakko 936, possibly made in the same manufacturing plant. Mine was $38 before shipping.
Hold the back button and down on the d-pad, this will actually turn it off.
Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Awesome deal! A brand spanking new K1000 for 1/4 of its normal going price... Enjoy! Mind you, that was the normal going price before people went crazy over them.
I have the Aoyue 936, its excellent.
I have heard that the PSP sounds subpar at best.
Is that a solder bridge here? Direct link:
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