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Quote: Originally Posted by keyid I just did one of my first parts selection for ck2III, it took about a week to read through all the info on headwize, collected other people's BOM, and read up on different configs for gain, input / output transistors and in the end I took AMB's suggested BOM. Through all that I did wish there was the easy button and jeff still had the kits, not sure how much info I gained. I do know I would had a horrible weekend if I...
CV4015/M8161 are my favorites.
Quote: Originally Posted by Todd R So far, the Magnepans have probably been one of the top 3 favorite speakers I've ever owned. Sold them due to the Wife's constant complaints of the size. When I get my own listening room I'll have another pair I'm sure. Heh, doesn't she know that bigger is better?
I prefer my ER4S to my HD580s. When I played competitive Counterstrike, the ER4S allowed me to differentiate whether someone was above or below me, how far away, and in what direction they were coming from, much better than the HD580s, and also HD555s I had for a period of time.
Zero DAC/AMP. that way when you build your CKKIII you can use it's DAC function. That is, until you build a Buffalo DAC!
Quote: Originally Posted by Marl Also buy my sextetts. (glances at signature) They're closed. Technically, they're semi-open
Quote: Originally Posted by amb LOL, the level of precision has (thankfully) improved a lot over the years. As I post more, you'll also notice a sharp decline of the number of switches and knobs of my next builds, as well as decreased wordiness on the panels... Welcome to the 1980s. One Question: Does it go to eleven?
Quote: Originally Posted by wap32 It still doesn't, but there is a closed-source Creative driver. Which is 64-bit only. EDIT: 32-bit is out too I guess. I can't get it to work though.
I was distro hopping for a while. Tried Ubuntu first, but that brown was just too drepressing. OpenSuSe next, liked it. Didn't really like Yast though. Then I discovered Linux Mint. IMO, Linux Mint is Ubuntu "fixed." Wireless works out of the box on most chipsets, a feat to be proud of in Linux. Black and green color scheme. Compiz Fusion installed by default (Ubuntu might have had this, OpenSuSe didn't,) Most multimedia codecs installed by default. GUI for...
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