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^^Good taste in games.
Oscar expressed interest in a pair of sextetts I had for sale. We corresponded, he replied quickly. We hammered out a deal and just like his correspondence he paid quickly as well. Enjoy the phones!
Well, while were on the subject, anyone know of albums like this?
Argh, it seems it was only a 32 second blip made just for the commercial.
Yes! Thank you!
Past week or two I've been seeing this commercial on T.V. by Audi. Black car, not even sure what model, just driving around. Sorry, but thats the best I can really explain it. I'm looking for the name of the song that is being played during it. It has a powerful string base and there is a beautiful female voice. The kind where she is singing but not singing words, like you would hear in the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack (which is great!). Sorry for the sheer...
I hear my heartbeat on both sides when I use Ety's in a quiet room.
I like Ety ER4s for them, but then again I like the ER4s for most everything.
Walked past a kid in the school halls sporting a pair of AKG K26P's.
sale pending
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