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Doh! How could I forget, I've seen that mentioned so many times. What is a suitable AWG for this application? I'll be using it for a CKKIII and a Twisted Pear Buffalo in the near future.
I need to buy some hookup wire to finish my CKKIII and for future projects. I don't need really high quality stuff, just something better than the normal junk. That would be SPC then, no? My main feature I'm looking for is I want to buy it in many different colors. Brown, green, red, black, yellow, and blue, namely. Do any of you know of somewhere I can buy something that meets these requirements?
Meh, I can only speak from experience. Thats what you get with high-ohm cans.
I don't like my HD580 (very similar to HD650) for gaming. The DT880s should be decent out of a good soundcard.
Etymotic ER-4P/S's are my goto for when performance is absolutely critical (same as teh EDGE Acoustics GX400.) However, most of the time I go for the the Beyerdynamic DT 880. Nearly as good, and soooo comfy. I played about a year of CAL-M for CS:S and during that time the Etymotics were my bread and butter.
Sent an email to their customer service rep, they're hooking me up with a sample. I'll report back.
None so far.
I bought some Canare cable from Soloz. Good price and it arrived quickly. Don't hesitate to buy from him.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lil' Knight I sold a headfi-er here some plugs when I stocked some of them.
Looking to buy about 15 feet of Starquad, black preferably. Markertek's shipping price is ridiculous. Thanks.
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