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I'm considering ordering a pair of replacement HD650 drivers from Sennheiser to upgrade my HD580s.   If I do so, is anyone interested in picking up the used pair of HD580 drivers? No sonic flaws at all, just no longer necessary.
Looking for primarily a pair of KRK Rokit 5, but I'm open to pretty much anything. PM me
Looks like zkool will be giving Ferrari a nice bit of competition in beautiful casing..
Quote: Originally Posted by Bleuburd I'm pretty sure, I'm go with the pimeta and stick it in a hammond case. I think I should be able to make it work. Pimeta 2 is currently in development. Not sure how close it is to completion, might want to wait a bit. HeadWize: DIY Workshop > PIMETA v2
Happens to me, too. I wouldn't call it meditation though, different feeling. One time I was put into that trance you speak of listening to Dark Side of the Moon, and then "Time" started playing and completely caught me off guard. I freaked and grabbed the HD555s I had at the time and threw them off my head and into the wall. They suffered no damage
Should tell him to solder with a shirt on. I've made that mistake before. One wrong flick of the wrist and solder jumps onto your chest and burns burns burns.
Concept sketch (not by hand) of a Garry's mod map a friend and I worked on.
Congratulations. You bumped a 2 year old thread! The answer to your question is no.
Quote: Originally Posted by digger945 250ft 20 awg hook up wire any color or ANY QUANTITY - eBay (item 200103331877 end time Feb-12-09 06:16:38 PST) Fast shipping, each color comes on it's own spool. Nothing fancy, just reasonably priced wire in your choice of colors. I bought 25' of each of ten colors. He has other gauges also. Nice!
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