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I'll add Nick Cave
"My friend also gave me a modern composer (60's I think) that used drums, electric guitar in his works, but I forget the name. Anyone know who it is?" Steve Reich, perhaps?
Do you have his Piano Concerto? Ormandy / Entremont do a decent job. Also, the Rattle recording of "Porgy & Bess" is superb.
You might want to check out Magnolia Thunderp u s s y. There's not much else...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkAngel ...Sorry, no masses or choral works of Bruckner are in my collection, just symphonies... If you're thinking about filling in that gap, here's a great recording of AB's three Masses: Bruckner's Masses
Beastie Boys DVD Video Anthology - Criterion Collection
Quote: Originally posted by john_jcb If you enjoy Tom Waits you might want to get Holly Cole's CD Temptation the entire CD are covers of Tom's work. It is also a very well recorded CD and a great one for auditioning gear. Thanks for the rec'. Here's another TW tribute album: Good stuff...
Tough decision, but I'd have to vote for Rain Dogs.
FWIW, my vote goes to Fanfare.
Perhaps not a jazz vocalist per se, but you might want to check out Ute Lemper's album, Punishing Kiss. She sings songs by such song-writing luminaries as Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, &c.
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