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Ever consider the HD800 just have faster bass? I've known this for atleast a year now. The HE6 aren't bad at all though, especially with amping taken care of and a silver cable.
  Yes, definitely better than the Beta. Though, I feel that way about the Dynahi with all headphones.     I had a GS-1 DACT (Dynalo) before, but now only the Dynahi. I'm extrapolating from my experience with the Hi that the TH900 will sound great on the Lo. The GS-1 shared a family resemblance with the Hi and both have enough power for the TH900.
Wowza the Dynahi/Dynalo takes these cans to another level. Definitely the best amp I've tried with them.
  Interesting...never happened to me. Worth a try then.
I never twist, especially because there's a groove that could erode by doing so overtime. Just grip the connectors (not the wire itself) and use some force to pull. They'll pop out.
I also believe cables should be used as final tweaks. There's much more potential gain in upgrading the source/amp.
Oh yea :)
Stop selling things so quickly . Give them a chance. Nothing's changed, only your impressions my friend.
  ^   Good points.
I tried the Anax mod (and other ones) as well. I came to same conclusion as paradoxper and preproman. It improves some things at the expense of others. I ended up reverting back to stock form every time.
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