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I also believe cables should be used as final tweaks. There's much more potential gain in upgrading the source/amp.
Oh yea :)
Stop selling things so quickly . Give them a chance. Nothing's changed, only your impressions my friend.
  ^   Good points.
I tried the Anax mod (and other ones) as well. I came to same conclusion as paradoxper and preproman. It improves some things at the expense of others. I ended up reverting back to stock form every time.
This is exactly the reason I've held off on buying the M7 and unloading the Ref7.1. I think the latter strikes a great balance between musicality and technical performance. The PWD MK2 wasn't any better, despite being much newer.   Eventually, I may switch to the M7 if its improvements don't mess with the magic of the Ref7.1. But, for now, I'm pretty happy with my source setup.   (BTW Darryl, the new M^3 opamps are killer eh? I have my own thoughts of it vs the Beta...I'm...
Having owned both, I think the Ref7.1 is just as good as the PWD MK2. They're very different, but I didn't come away thinking one is better than the other.   Ref7.1 = more bass, bigger soundstage, more neutral sound   PWD MK2 = more prominent and liquid mids, more microdetail, sound signature geared towards being musical rather than neutral (ie. warm, smooth and forgiving). The PWD was also more holographic in its imaging/layering, not that the R7.1 was bad. Only...
The album Enamoured by Bella Sonus is decent for synthetic bass. For natural stuff, I stick to organ music, but that provides bursts rather than drones of constant bass.
That Lustmord track is your test for bass? You need to find new music... (extrabigmehdi)   Even with the TH900 and HE6 that doesn't have much sub-bass. Find some proper organ music like Frank mentioned. There's also a lot of electronic music these days that really show off the low-end.
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