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  Hey prep, whenever you get to try the HD800 on the F1J, mind firing me a quick PM? Eagerly awaiting impressions...   Looks like a solid amp for the HE6, I want to see if it performs that way for all headphones.
  You and I are on the same page wrt to power, quality and source being important. But, I've seen many posts in several threads focusing almost entirely on the power aspect. I don't have the time to search out these posts to prove my point, but they're out there. I've noticed it over a period of months, and it doesn't necessarily involve you. I don't remember who those people were.
I agree and have always maintained that the quality of the power is just as important. I've heard a couple vintage speaker amps with loads of power sound worse than even an M^3 amp.   It's entirely likely that a lot of the powerful speaker amps being used to drive the HE6 with good effect are just high quality amps. Hearing that, folks may then associate the bump in SQ with solely the power.
Well, the amp part is easy. Pick up a used M^3 or Dynalo. Easy to find, cheap ($300-$500), and are still the best in and significantly beyond their price range. The M^3 is very forgiving and its sound can be tailored so that would be my leading recommendation. For the DAC, get the best you can afford. Read reviews, stick to used (DACs depreciate quickly), and pay attention to experienced folks and not newbies parroting others' opinions. Also, DAC technology moves ahead...
  Good question...   Of all the cans I've owned, the HD800 are and always have been my favourites (HE6 are tied with them though). These two scale better than everything else I've tried.
  Hmm, that's a good question. You might already have an ideal amp for the HE6 in the F1J from what you've described. Plus, the GS-X is similar enough to the Dynahi in terms of SQ that it might not be worth it unless you're looking for more power over the GS-X.
  Thanks prep, good detailed impressions. The GS-X/Dynahi have a smaller soundstage than the Beta but are definitely quicker and have more attack + better imaging. The Beta has more overall bass quantity though, with less control.   The F1J sounds like a keeper. Will be on the lookout for one.
prep, how do the Beta and F1J differ when feeding the HE6? Looking for purely a SQ comparison.
  Yea, though just going back to what I said about the Dynahi vs Beta22 for the TH900. The Hi has more speed, impact, energy and transparency. The Beta has more bass, a larger soundstage (a bit distant) and a smoother/darker sound. Both are good, but the Hi sounds more involving and accurate, while the Beta sounds more liquid and forgiving. I switch back and forth between both amps these days depending on my mood, but the Dynahi remains my favourite amp overall.
Up for sale are mint condition Fostex TH900 (#00573) bought new last month (Jan. 11th) from an authorized dealer (TTVJ). Come with original box and accessories.   Love the sound of these cans. Best closed headphones I've heard. Selling mainly for the closed vs open thing. Don't need any closed headphones when I have time only to use 1 open pair these days.   Price is $SOLD+shipping. Price is FIRM. EMT preferred, but Paypal accepted no fees.
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