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  Depends on the ancillaries. On my system, both copper and silver sound around the same in terms of treble energy, both of which have less than stock.
Agree with the review. Felt that way immediately after owning both. HD800s scale higher too. If they sound too distant, get a silver cable. Their imaging is more precise and accurate than the HE6 with silver.
  HE6 is lighter, and for me, a lot more comfortable. The bumps on the LCD-x series dig into the scalp, whereas you can shape the metal headband on the HE6 any way you like. Velour's also better than stiff leather IMO.
Thanks, that's an interesting comparison.   From what you've said, I feel you'd like the HE6. Pretty confident.
Agree with everything you've said. But, just wondering why you preferred the LCD-2 to the 3. (Haven't heard the 3 yet).
  x2. I've found that upgrading sources most consistently produced improvements, and took my gear up to a higher level. Whereas, with amps and headphones, you can more often go sideways and get something merely different rather than better.   Once you have decent headphones and amps, make sure you get a solid high-end source.   There are different schools of thought ofcourse, but this is my opinion and from my experience.
Thanks Mac. So then the impressions were the same regardless of the transport used. That's important to know.
  Hey Macrog, thanks for the impressions. Good info.   Which transports were used with these two DACs? Asking because the Ref7.1 needs a good transport to sound best while the M7 sounds great even through USB.
  Hey prep, whenever you get to try the HD800 on the F1J, mind firing me a quick PM? Eagerly awaiting impressions...   Looks like a solid amp for the HE6, I want to see if it performs that way for all headphones.
  You and I are on the same page wrt to power, quality and source being important. But, I've seen many posts in several threads focusing almost entirely on the power aspect. I don't have the time to search out these posts to prove my point, but they're out there. I've noticed it over a period of months, and it doesn't necessarily involve you. I don't remember who those people were.
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