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    Very informative posts. Thank you to both.
Nice, now we can get a solid first-hand comparison of the PWD Mk2 and M7. I personally preferred the Ref7.1 to the Mk2 overall, though the latter did some things better.
True. Not denying what you claim, but just pointing out what's more likely.
  All the things you said about the HD800 vs LCD2 I felt with all my pairs of HD800s.   Another point, I very clearly remember people saying exactly what you're saying about their own pairs since SN # 9000+. Just last year, the 14000 and above were the golden batch, and every year it changes to become whatever people are getting at the time. It's been pretty funny to watch.   My answer is your gear and preferences are what's causing this sudden change of heart. I'm also...
Yea there have been instances where I've left my DAC on for 48 hours at a time. Doesn't do anything. Heat kills electronic components...just make sure you keep the DAC cool.
Haven't heard the 3s. Comment was aimed at the 2s.
  This is true IMO. It's not only the microdynamics, but in comparison to the HD800, they also lack subtlety, nuance and delicacy.
  Depends on the ancillaries. On my system, both copper and silver sound around the same in terms of treble energy, both of which have less than stock.
Agree with the review. Felt that way immediately after owning both. HD800s scale higher too. If they sound too distant, get a silver cable. Their imaging is more precise and accurate than the HE6 with silver.
  HE6 is lighter, and for me, a lot more comfortable. The bumps on the LCD-x series dig into the scalp, whereas you can shape the metal headband on the HE6 any way you like. Velour's also better than stiff leather IMO.
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