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  x2. Not even close. Had multiple pairs of 600s 650s and 800s, and all three at once. Repeated to death, but I'll repeat it again: the HD800's performance depends on the ancillaries.
  Kingwa did not say that, so you can do as Solude says and leave it on 24/7. Plus, noone said you can't listen to your gear while it's warming up. The 1 hour figure is exaggerated and so is the improvement from it.   Quote from Kingwa in response to the 8hr query: "I was recommend the gear if with regenerative power supply,do not power on over 8 hours continuous . But other gear can power on all time but I recommend if more than 120 hours, restart is better . Most gears...
The Dynahi was always my favourite amp with the HD800s. Basically what a GS-X mk2 sounds like.
lol fellas, there's no upgrading from a Dynahi (IMO).
Up for sale is my beloved Dynahi. My favourite amp of all time, hands down. Condition is mint, price is firm. Amp was built a couple years ago and has been used lightly and babied completely. The thing on top of it is a Musiland 02US. Ignore it, it won't be included.   $ + shipping. Paypal non-fee or EMT please. Will ship to Canada / USA. Canadians get preference.
Up for sale is a dual-chassis Version 1 M^3 + Sigma-11 (high-end version on the YBM website). Built professionally by YBM --> New from YBM costs $675 + shipping + extra for opamps (~ $70-100)   With the new opamps, this amp is very comparable to the Beta22. It actually has a more neutral and faster sound while retaining the smooth slightly warm signature...kind of like a cross between the Beta22 and GS-X/Dynalo.   Mine comes...
I'd agree with you Regis from looking solely at the board, but there apparently have been more extensive changes, especially to the DSP.   Darryl, read my earlier posts in the M7 thread for the answer. Kingwa emailed me the details a while back that I copy/pasted there.
  x2. Same effect for me.
  Firmware makes a significant difference. 2.0.2. was bass-heavy (in a good way), but a bit too smooth and didn't have the imaging and attack of 2.2.0.   I'm glad I didn't get rid of the Ref7.1 prematurely to get the M7. The Ref has solid bass, quite a bit more than the 2.2.0 PWD MK2.
  Not necessarily. There are many different amp sounds. I keep multiple amps for that reason, preferring one over the other at different times and for different genres.   For example, there are other amps out there that are focused on neutrality, transparency, speed and have a relatively forward/upfront soundstage. This isn't how I'd describe the Beta22. Some amps are very revealing, others are super slow and forgiving, some sharply focused, others a bit fuzzy. There's...
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