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  I wrote some stuff and so did preproman. We both had the PWD MK2 but with different firmwares (mine was the one shipping now 2.2.0, his is the previous version 2.0.2). The firmwares change the sound noticeably.   Anyways, just go through my previous posts (not necessarily in this thread). You can click the username and browse posts, I don't have time to search for them. Same for prep.
  x2. The TH900 is the only sealed headphone I owned/heard that wasn't embarrassed by the best open flagships of today. I like it...definitely my favourite closed offering. But, it's still easily behind the HD800 (overall).
  Friend, that one statement alone discredits the rest of your post. I owned both together for quite a while (with multiple cables). It's just not true.
  This is one of those things I've easily tweaked with cables. My Beta doesn't sound that way at all, except yes it is more distant sounding than say a Dynalo/hi but not to a fault.
I found what were actually bloated were the transports. Using the Ref7.1 with the OR5+all upgrades, the bass was rock solid, super tight and extended beyond what I had heard previously with any converter. The bloat disappeared completely. With the MK3 JKSPDIF and other transports, yes it's there to varying degrees.
The PWD MK1 or MK2? BTW Peter, do you know which firmware it had?
I tried the OR5 with every DAC. The Ref7.1 benefited most from it. It's sensitive to converters generally speaking. The PWD doesn't change as much with the OR5, but I still noticed an improvement, just not to the same degree as on the Ref7.1.   My Ref7.1 does not have USB (nor is it worth having). I always use an outboard converter with it. The M7 has a better USB implementation which I would get. Listening to a Ref7.1 without a good converter really hamstrings it....
I haven't heard the Master 7, but the differences between it and the 7.1 have been described in the Master 7 thread (ie. M7 is more detailed and faster, with less bass and maybe a smaller soundstage, but more focused imaging). These are not my opinions, just what I've gathered from comparisons.   The Off-ramp 5 is a transport. It made everything I connected it to better. The OR5+7.1 is the best source I've ever heard. The OR5 cost me $2500 which was a bit out of my...
I sold my PWD MK2 for the Reference 7.1. The PWD also sounded congested and small in comparison. I'd get the Master 7 if I were you.   I owned a few Sabre DACs and they were decent for the money, but they couldn't touch what I have now. Also, I used the best computer transports with these (OR5+upgrades, MK3 JKSPDIF) since I know you brought up the concern.
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